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Postpartum Posting :)

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do you ever post a response or a message on the "MC" that minutes hours days later, you wish you never posted.

(excluding grammar and punctuation which will always be my disclaimer)


after reading some threads over a period of time i feel like i kinda get to know some of you guys and occasionally i am struck with the thought of "ouch! i bet he wishes he did not say that" or "thats not like him to be so ------- ."

its just a question and maybe even an opportunity to have a good laugh at ourselves

so i will start


I really regret writing about my Las Vegas trip when that asshole ripped me off i hope it is so far gone in the mc hole of no return that i never have to read it again eeeek!!! very embarrassing.

xoxo David/SF

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Hey.... just a minute here... Are those capital letters in the title of this post? Has the world as we know it ceased to be? Very scary.


Ok, I regret that. But nothing else. So far. That's because I rarely tell the truth and rarer still, write what I really think. Ok. That's not true, either.


i am such a little liar someone should spank me


Now, I regret that.


I have got to get a more challenging job. Bored to death here.



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I am often surprised at what people write here. I have a few times been surprised at what I have written here. I am most often surprised at (and regret the most) the twists and directions that some threads will take. A number of times I have had threads go in a direction I never saw coming (and of course never intended).


I don't think any of us can be blamed for being honest at the moment we write. In fact, I think it is one of the benefits of this site in particular. It has always been good therapy for me, and I take what happens here with a grain of salt and two aspirin. :D

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One of my earliest posts was one of my most embarrassing and then after about 300 posts someone went back and dug that one up again. Now as I approach 1000 posts that remains the one I wish I didnt write at all. There area many which I wish I had worded more carefully to avoid misinterpretation.



I have never seen a purplekow;

I never hope to see one;

I can tell you anyhow;

I'd rather see than be one


Help there is a purplekow in my mirror

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