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Journalistic Integrity


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It had been a while since I read Benjamin Nicholas' blog since I was still trying to figure out why he chose Trent Lott instead of me, but I took a look today and am shocked to learn that plagiarism is still around. But now Ben is the one being copied, and he ain't happy about it:

From 15minutesmore.com

An alert eye let me know that in this month's issue of OUT magazine the issue of myself and Trent Lott was drudged up for the sake of entertaining the masses. How incredibly overdone. It's been, what, nearly 4 months since it was shot down and OUT is just now having one of their overtly gay columnists write a rip-off article about the 'gay escort experience.' You'd think they could pull themselves away from hyperventilating over Cher announcing her upcoming Las Vegas show just long enough to do a little fact checking. Nah, that would just be too time consuming.




And by rip-off, I mean the article was almost a idealistic replica of the piece I had written for Dan Savage's The Stranger nearly a year ago, detailing the need for more discretion in the escort world (and ultimately telling now-superstar escort Mike Jones to eat my ass). The OUT writer, Josh Kilmer-Purcell, a model of out-of-shape journalistic slackerdom went in for the kill without first knowing the facts. Frankly, anyone who hyphenates their name before the fifth husband is obviously trying just a little too hard. Clutch the pearls Joshie, you're still WeHo-riche and not-quite-ready for Central Park South.


Digging on the net just a little deeper, why am I not shocked to find that Purcell once had a promising career in... DRAG. And he's brow-beating me for MY fringe profession? Well, isn't that the Cuisinart calling the Wok trendy?


I have neither the time nor the strength to go point-for-point with Purcell on his craptastic column, but rest assured that with a fantastic client base and a good head on your shoulders, the world is your oyster. I've been to every continent on earth, have invested wisely beyond my years and continue a successful run as one of the most reliable and traveled male escorts in the world. I'm proud of that. Sure, it's not something I can boldface on my resume later in life, but thanks to some well-placed tech stock and real estate investment, it might not even be an issue. I don't worry about the future... I look forward to it.


But maybe Ben doesn't want Trent or me, it seems he likes Damon best:




Damon Kruezer: You're a gem among bloggers and a big thanks from 15mm for all that you put into your newly-redesigned site. Congrats on all of your recent press from Cybersocket and for always keeping the scoop one step ahead of everyone else. You've got our support (and eyes!).

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I Googled Josh Kilmer-Purcell myself, and it seems that his memoir received excellent reviews from some pretty big names. Some people think he can write!



And, he has a Wikipedia entry:




Bartleby: If Ben is right, then he should make a case for himself. Just because he had his own past problem doesn't mean he forever loses the right to his own work.

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>I Googled Josh Kilmer-Purcell myself, and it seems that his

>memoir received excellent reviews from some pretty big names.

>Some people think he can write!




Actually "I'm not myself these days" is one of the best written piece of gay literature that I have read. I am a disciplined reader of all things gay always trying to find some quality and truth without having to resort to pompous language to achieve some respectability (Read: Andrew Holleran,Felice Picano). This book is a witty, soulful, fun, insightful, honest look into the gay subworlds of drag queens and escorts in New York...


A genuinely gifted writer.


A man with real talent.


If you think you would enjoy a gritty, fun, well written gay novel, don't miss it.



And before the hounds start to howl, yes, it is quite funny this case of Ho turned into book critic... (Yes, I am talking about myself) }( :+


And if you asked me, which of course you haven't, the fact that Kilmer-Purcell was a famous drag queen only ads to his talent, experience as a human being and depth as a writer.(And it -shows- in his writing.)


Sorry about the rant... Couldn't keep my fingers still. (Which of course, in other circumstances only ads to the fun.)


Enjoy the good read!

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Couldn't agree with you more, Juan. I loved that book. Have read it twice and enjoyed it just as much the second time. I posted it about it when I first read it. Given my obsessive nature and fascination with all things escort, I have always wondered who "Jack" might have been based upon??? An incredibly handsome and hung blonde that specialized in domination? And then just took down his ad one day and disappeared?


Reece? Now, I am not saying he was a crack head. I never met the man. Just wondering who Jack might have been. And yeah, I know that there are a million guys that I haven't even heard of....


Any thoughts?



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Do you think it possible that BN was merely lamenting the fact that the writer was lazy and, perhaps, untimely in his musings?


BN seems perfectly capable of defending himself when the situation calls for it but I think he is not anxious to accuse others of plagarism. He who is without sin should cast the first stone?


Best regards,



You are a prolific poster and I enjoy reading what you have to say whether I agree or not. Mostly I think I agree. :)

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Really? I read his reviews about a thousand times and came oh so close to getting him out here. I cancelled on him for Arpad...and then he retired.. but in all my fantasies, he was blonde. Dammit.


So, no one else out there, has an opinion about the book? Not trying to be Oprah ( don't want an ass like that) .....but really, guys, it's a great read..



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I haven't read OUT since my teens so I haven't read the article in question (no interest in BN) but does it really surprise you about any of their writing abilities?




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