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What's the most money you've lost in the stock market?

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The first stock I ever bought was Iomega (a data storage device maker). I put in a modest sum just before the stock spiked due to a short squeeze. Six weeks later it was up tenfold. Stupid me didn't realize that was a screaming call to sell; by the time I did I only got out twice what I put in. It didn't suck to double my money in such short a period, but of course I was left feeling like I "lost" a whole lot more.


Later I worked at one of the big high-techs during its heyday and had very generous options. Unfortunately by the time I exercised and sold their value dropped a digit. Arrgh.


My current favorite holdings are FXI (tracks the Chinese blue chips) and the Vice Fund (invests exclusively in booze, smokes, guns and gambling-- and is doing quite well at it).


Kevin Slater

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Guest Havan_IronOak

>As long as you don't sell, you ain't lost it. ;-)


Oh if only that we're true... I made an unwise purchase of MCI years ago. Actually I did sell it at the very end but I had to call the broker first and make sure they wouldn't bill me for the amount that the $9.95 commission exceeded the value of the stock!


Since Halloween I'm down about $100K on a $500K portfolio but I expect that by mid year I'll be back in the black as investors recover their common sense.

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I had 100,000 shares of SIRI a few months ago.


Now my entire portfolio consists of 30,000 shares of SIRI, which was trading as low as $2.51 the other day. :(


I'm never borrowing on margin again!


At this rate, SIRI would need to hit $20-per-share in order for me to recover my losses. LOL


Like that is ever gonna happen.


Oh well...at least I'm alive.


Not to mention I recently lost my job (MICHIGAN has the HIGHEST unemployment rate in the country) so I have NO INCOME, no health insurance, and no savings.


I had to move back with my Mom, and all I have left to survive is about $75,000 from my stock portfolio (and I dont want to dip into that at all).


Very scary times for me since it's near impossible to find a new job around here with a broadcast-radio background, even with a 4-year BA degree. Plus my "health" conditions just make things worse.


2008 has started off very poorly for me, and I dont see much hope...

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Sometimes ago, I learned through work that you should invest 50-70 percent of portfolio in stock, 20-30 percent in fixed income, 10-20 in cash or money market.


In hard times, my investment does not go up like a kite but has not fallen through the bottom. I have not yet checked the investments and how it is reacting for the last couple days. I am very conservative. Overall, I felt pretty good about my investment or my retirement.

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Guest Wetnwildbear

Due to the economic downturn I had to sell


my most valuable possession.



I sold my Genuine Authenticated Certified Sweat-Soaked,


Piss-Stained, Cum-Caked, Signed and Numbered Jock & Cup from the


Greg Louganis Collection as Worn By Mario Lopez - New From Sears!



PS - I figure I lost 40K in the last 3wks

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