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Poppers/High Blood Pressure

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Poppers can be dangerous, period.


Anyone with a blood pressure issue should probably be advised not to partake.


Note that I said "can be" and "should probably be". You need to have this discussion with your physician. I suspect I know what he'll say, but it's his to say.

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From homohealth.org:



Poppers got their name from the days when the drug came in small glass tubes, covered with fishnet, that made a popping noise when you broke them open and inhaled. Today - sold in record stores, clubs and porn shops as vinyl cleaner, liquid incense, room deodorizer, and video-head cleaner - the poppers come in a small bottle with a screw on cap.


Poppers are butyl or amyl nitrate. Nitrates improve blood flow through blocked arteries. Amyl and butyl nitrites (also known as "poppers") increase your heart rate, dilate your arteries and cause your blood pressure to drop. This produces a "rush" as your heart struggles to keep blood flowing to your brain. This can be enjoyable, albeit brief, because you experience a warm flash and intense sexual desire. The effects usually last about 30 seconds to 1 minute, but no more than 2 minutes. Side effects usually include headaches, nausea, coughing and dizziness. Sometimes it can result in loss of consciousness. Amyl nitrite is also flammable, so keep it away from lighters, cigars, cigarettes, candles and guys who are so hot they're on fire!


Since most people sniff poppers, persistent use can cause burns around your nose. Although poppers are not physically addictive, some people can develop a psychological addiction to poppers, feeling that they can't have sex unless they use them. Popper use can be dangerous or even fatal if you are on anti-depressants, or heart disease or blood pressure medication. Do not use them if you are anemic or suffer from glaucoma. In fact, poppers used in combination with any other drug can be life threatening. Poppers also lower your immune system response for days following use, so it can increase your chances of catching HIV and other STDs.


Using Viagra and poppers together is extremely dangerous. Both drugs dilate your blood vessels causing your blood pressure to drop so low that your brain and heart can't get enough oxygen to function. Guess what happens then? It's time for the defibrillator… clear!!!

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I'm not sure why one would still use poppers now that Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis are out there. All of these three are fairly dangerous with nitroglycerin, and the latter two should not be taken with one of the blood pressure meds, alpha blockers. I would assume poppers would have any disadvantage of the FDA-approved meds, plus be somewhat extra dangerous due to the sudden drop in blood pressure poppers produce. So no, I would not add poppers to any BP med.

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Doing alot of things while taking "High BLood Pressure" Medicine can be risky. As the Info you get with the Meds informs you of.


POPPER'S & VIAGRA I am sure are on the Top of the List!


25 Years ago AMYL was the "Rush" etc of choice! Most of us cracked more than a few vials of the stuff. Of course it also was $6-$8 a Box! IN NYC You could easily get a box thru your Friendly Bartenders!


At one time a few Vials of Amyl were sold in "First Aid Kits" at your local Drugstore! LOL


Now all the Over the Conter Popper's, can and do have different strengths when manufactured. "Quality Control" ain't what it used to be folks! So for those Still or who are New to the RUSH's of the World, be very careful! ;-)

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