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Hijacking NCMs Thread - Favorite Holiday EGG NOG Recipes!

Guest Wetnwildbear
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Guest Wetnwildbear




3 - 1/2 Gallon Containers of WaWa Egg Nog (Its a PA/NJ/DE Thing) or

the best premade local eggnog


add -


-1 Litre Southern Comfort

-1 Litre Jack Daniels

-1 Litre Myers Dark Rum

-1/2 Cup of Powdered Sugar

-1Tsp Cinnamon

-1/4 Cup of Coke (not a Cola)

-28 Percodan Ground Fine

(Not Percocet - The Tylenol is Bad for the Liver)

-15 Viagra Minced

-Mix all ingredients Together - Chill


-Garnish with Five Well Hung Uncut Men

-Sprinkle each with a Tbsp of Slutmeg

-Fill the Pouch that can be formed from the Scrotal Sack and the foreskin then Lick Clean


Serves 20ppl - at least twice - But not all can enjoy simultaneously!



HO-HO-HO Mary Greetings for the Holiday Celebratory Season!

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Guest ncm2169

ROFLMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! }( }( }( }( }( }( }( }( }( }(


Jeez, only a real bear could drink that and keep it down! :9


Btw, in a former life I had a reason for a fascination with Polar Bears. Are they part of your repertoire?

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Guest ncm2169

RE: Hijacking NCMs


Sorry, I don't do Cops or Donuts.


Actually, a thousand years ago in a different life, I had to work in a DoNut booth at the State Fair here in Mpls. After the 5 hour shift, I had to (a) shower for about an hour, and (b) throw the clothes away after 3 wash/rinse cycles. Couldn't get the grease smell out. x(


Never knowingly did a cop, however. :7

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Guest Wetnwildbear

Yes NCM Polar Bears are Fun as long as ther scicles don't melt!



So what was your involvement with Polar Bears in the Past NCM?


Inquiring Fursters want to know?

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Guest ncm2169

< So what was your involvement with Polar Bears in the Past


Sorry to disappoint, but it was merely a collector's experience related to a location where I lived and Polar Bears were all the rage - figurines, paintings, pictures, placemats, and all sorts of dreadful things. Fortunately, I think we (that would be a reference to a past life) avoided the worst of the fad. :*

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>Hijack or not, this is still a request for your fave Holiday

>Nog. :9


Paula Deen's recipe isn't bad, but I've never had any Nog that can beat the White House recipe.


1 gallon eggnog

2 1/2 cups bourbon

1 2/3 cups dark rum

1 2/3 cups brandy

1 gallon eggnog ice cream




1. Defrost ice cream.

2. Mix first 5 ingredients.

3. Add vanilla to taste.

4. Stir.

5. Store in closed container(s) in refrigerator. Plastic milk jugs work well for this.

6. Sprinkle nutmeg on top of individual glasses of eggnog before serving.


Of course nothing can top serving it the way they serve it at the White House. They have these great huge punchbowls and float a huge blob of melting ice cream in the middle, and scoop your Nog out where they can.


(Note: my White House years were the Reagan years -- see I can spell it! -- so no connection to today.)


A good Nog is just creamy goodness that kicks like a mule.

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Guest ncm2169

< 1 gallon eggnog


Isn't that supposed to be the result of the recipe?


Are we talking "cheater" egg nog here???


As for the "Reagan years," I can just hear Ronnie say, "You've tasted one egg nog, you've tasted them all."


Not a time when anyone who had a modicum of intellectual curiosity was associated with that train wreck and would be proud of it, IMHO.

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