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Digits in WeHo (LA) (formerly Numbers) review

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I spent the evening at Digits in West Hollywood tonight.


Here is the new bar manager - Ryan:




Here is one of the hot new waiters - Adrian:




They are still working out the kinks in the kitchen, but my dinner was better than the last time I was there. I had the salmon tonight. I strongly recommend trying it out. One of the bartenders is a hot blonde guy with long hair and he takes his shirt off (nice view) after 10:30PM (with a tip of course). His name is Noel. Based on the discussion I had, they want to bring back "the spirit of the original NUMBERS". So I'm sure it will be an interesting place to visit frequently.


They updated some of the decor and they are adding a piano at one end of the restaurant in December.


If you are in LA, you should try it out. Ask for Ryan the bar manager and/or Adrian the hot waiter. You won't be disappointed.

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Guest ncm2169

< So EXPAT, were you able to sample the weiner?.


Louis, did you mean to post this in my thread about good home cooking? :9


In my experience, there are hot guys, there are dogs, and also something we could all call weiners. x(


Which of those is the frozen tundra of Thunder Bay/Ft. Francis featuring this season? :9 :9 :9


For example, Warsaw has Polish Sausage, and someone in Italy must own "bologna."


What are you "South Canadians" serving up for the holidays? }(

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Well we have turkey here when it comes to holidays. Turkey on the holiday, then turkey sandwiches during the week, turkey pie, turkey soup...:-)

All I can say is I would like to check our Ryan's "Digit" if you know what I mean. A great looking guy, and probably a great personality...:-)

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RE: Digits in WeHo (LA) (formerly Numbers) Update!


Both Ryan and Adrian (whose pics I posted at the top of this thread) have left Digits. They did add a piano at the bar, but it is usually dead when I have been there on Saturday nights. I haven't seen much interesting traffic at all other than the cute waiters and bartenders. Maybe others have a different experience. Some of their food is not bad but the atmosphere just isn't getting any better.

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Guest zipperzone

RE: Digits in WeHo (LA) (formerly Numbers) Update!


>Both Ryan and Adrian (whose pics I posted at the top of this

>thread) have left Digits


That's a real loss - Ryan is so cute he could write his own ticket anywhere he wants.

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