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Arianna gets it right re: Tearoom Toe-Tapping

Rick Munroe
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Excerpts: "There clearly are very serious potential threats to our safety to be found in airports -- outside of bathroom stalls. Is sending Sgt. Karsnia into the men's room to spend all day trying to get other men to look at him and tap his foot really the best way to use our limited law enforcement resources?


"And, yes, I know, Sen. Craig pleaded guilty. But given the inevitable humiliation that would have ensued had he challenged this arrest, it's not hard to imagine that he felt he had no other choice. The same goes for the thousands of other men who have been snared in these wasteful sting operations.


"But those of us who prefer that our public servants go after actual lawbreakers rather than use our resources to humiliate gay people do have a choice. And we should make it clear that we want our police going after terrorists -- not toe-tappers.


"Since the news about Craig broke, the media focus has been on his sexual perversions -- it's time to turn the spotlight on the perverted priorities of America's law enforcement community."

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This is hardly the only time that I have seen an editorial going this direction from this matter. In fact, they outnumber the others so strongly that I don't remember seeing any other that came strongly out on continuing to spend taxpayer money this way.


And I've been toying with the idea of starting my own blog and calling it Not Necessarily The Truth (NNTT), LOL. But I have this feeling that, knowing I have two web sites right now yelling at me for not updating them recently enough, I wouldn't get to adding to it any more often than Rick.

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