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411 on AndyThai visiting DC from LA


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On 10/26/2022 at 6:00 PM, dutchal said:

Just came from Andy.  He's 35, and while his face looks older than in the pic his body is much, much better than pictured, muscular, lean and hard.  Massage was a blend of relaxation and therapy.  Very nice guy, left very happy.

Thanks for this feedback.  It motivated me to see him. Same exact experience.  All good!

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Whoa. Andy clearly has figured out how to make his clients happy since those first reviews thst were lackluster.  Excellent massage (I asked him for more pressure a few times and he gladly obliged) along w everything else you could hope for. 

He was ultra friendly, carried my bags for me to the door and even adjusted my scarf to stay warm before I left.  So sweet.   He’s also handsome as hell w a sexy deep voice.   

I have some reviews of other masseurs I love in prior posts.  I have to write that Andy is in even better shape than the sadly retired Ian in Hawaii or Jorge in NYC.   Which is shocking cause the bodies on those two are incredible.  He’s so ripped that his leg veins are popping out all over his quads.   His body, in short, is freaking insanely muscular.

Would love to see him on his next visit.  Highly recommend.    


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On 10/26/2022 at 3:00 PM, dutchal said:

Just came from Andy.  He's 35... 

He's actually quite a bit older than 35. I've seen Andy several times, and he told me (some time in the past couple of years) that he was in his 40s. Another Thai provider, Hottie Max, is in his mid-40s now, if not older. 

Perpetually youthful looks are what these charming guys provide. 

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I agree with the age issue, he's definitely late 30s (he's posting older pics, but it's the same guy), but still looks youthful and wow what a ripped body and smooth skin, 6 pack and gorgeous legs and ass ;)

The massage part, for me, was lackluster (maybe he's back to his old methods), not exciting or particularly erotic, and a perfunctory HE at the end. But I agree he's very nice and accommodating. But I wouldn't repeat, there are sexier and more interactive Asian guys out there.

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