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"The negro page" or its new name "A page with 2 horses". Does it matter?

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The British royal family scrambled to hide the word “negro” on a painting so it wouldn’t offend the Obamas when they visited for dinner, according to reports Tuesday.


An aide to the royals removed a plaque for the 355-year-old oil titled “The Negro Page” by Dutch Artist Aelbert Cuyp — which features a black servant boy leading horses by rope — and put a plant in its place on Friday night, the UK Sun reported.


The Obamas didn’t seem to notice the leafy coverup as they chatted at Kensington Palace with Princes William and Harry and Duchess Kate.


(on a different article it says the plaque was taken down and a new one was put in its place unofficially renaming the painting "A page with 2 horses"










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Wow - Holy "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner" Batman!


Of all paintings why they loved that one so much?


Also, what about just removing it and placing another on there, I'm sure they have other paintings around the apartment 1 A.









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Hmmmm, I suppose there could be 2 schools of thought here.. One school thinking that the plaque could be offensive to the guests and therefore needed to be covered up, and then the other that might say leaving it unaltered just celebrates how far we've progressed in Civil rights... I'm on the fence, and it really would be dependent on the demeanor of the guests...

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Very sensitive, of the Royals, but surely unnecessary. Words like "negro" (which only means black), "queer" and "Oriental" exist and are a part of history. They cannot be removed from the past. In fact, they help us to see how far we have, or have not, come as a society. With my Scots-irish-French background, I am not offended by references to "thrifty Scots", " drunken Mick's" or "Frogs". These terms, historical or current, do not define me. I think the Obamas are aware of the historical use of the word " negro" and can take it in their stride.

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Coming back to the painting cover up story, it reminded me of the "dressing up" of antique statues depicting nude figures in the Vatican a couple of months ago so so as not to offend a visiting Iranian dignitary. Quite ridiculous.

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