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Why the irregularities on googling phone numbers?

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It's common to google an escort's phone number and see what comes up. In the age of burn phones and temporary numbers, phone number searches can yield no results - which can either be cause of concern or conversely cause for enthusiasm (i.e., brand new escort). However there's another category of phone number search in which the same number matches one or more other guys. Unless all of these are scams, can anyone think of why two separate guys (at times in two completely separate cities) would have the same phone number? And the most puzzling and bizarre of all is when a number search matches one (or more) females OR trannies. How do all of you understand this?

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I've seen this a few times, including the mapping to a transvestite. I think some of the possibilities are:


  • It's the same guy (in one case I found pics elsewhere of a guy performing drag)
  • It's a couple of people who are together and share a phone
  • An agency/business manager handles the bookings for more than one person
  • Someone has sold a phone to another (less likely now that it's so easy to swap numbers)
  • It's a scam and one guy is using multiple sets of pics.

I'm finding the instance of no info on a number to be more common than it had been. That's not necessarily cause for concern but it's not as reassuring as 3 years of history.

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Guest countryboywny
Very nice, complete analysis Keith. One more observation... I never encounter this with the most reliable, seasoned/experience escorts. Although their number may change, there's a solid history of ads and/or reviews.



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