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Multiple Orgasms - Top & Bottom

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I’d like to experience multiple orgasms more often. What have you learned about being multi-orgasmic as a top or a bottom?


Expectations – I have no requirements about who cums or how often, but multiple orgasms are wonderful. Being present and enjoying the moment is everything and when pleasure, not orgasm, is the goal, I’m never disappointed.


When I top, I’ve increased stamina and held off ejaculation for minutes, but relaxing enough to separate orgasm from ejaculation still eludes me. Contraction and breath exercises from The Multi-Orgasmic Man are useful.


When I bottom, cumming without touching my dick is hot, but experiencing orgasm without ejaculation is amazing. It’s powerful to share butt orgasms – an eye-rolling sense of timelessness, pelvic pulsations and contractions, and peaceful relaxation – with a man inside.


The skill of a top in massaging my prostrate with the head or shaft of his dick helps. Another key component is my breath control. Deep breath through my nostrils and exhalation from deep in my gut through my mouth helps. I’m finding connections between my nose, mouth, lungs, anus, rectum, sigmoid, and orgasm.



Thanks, Men, for reading and sharing.

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