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Italy's Prime Minister Is HUBBA HUBBA!!

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Oh, I'd rather fuck Justin Trudeau. Dark hair and green eyes. Unicorn likey.





Pretty in pink...



Big smooch!


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Trudeau is very good looking for a Canadian and Renzi is average looking for an Italian. Of course, we of Italian heritage just have a higher mean.
Sono d'accordo! (Totally agree!)

Italian PM a hottie?....Please!! :confused:

To paraphrase a certain Angelo Anelli: "Gli Italiani son cortesi, Nati son per farsi amar!" (Italians are courteous and born to be loved!)

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I know that "de gustibus non est disputnadum", nevertheless if I can see that Trudeau has definitely a look, I really can't see any in Renzi..

In Italy they make fun of his English, and they even did a nice video...:)



His face looks a bit pudgier here. Probably hasn't had as much time to work out since becoming Prime Minister. But if he were to lose the baby fat roundness in this one, WOOOF!!



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