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Rent hot angels... New agency or scam? An escort just sent me this email he got.

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The following person has indicated an interest in your ad on

M4RN. Here is his contact information so that you may

contact him directly.


Name/Contact Info: 'You will are perfect for our website. Our clients need escorts in your area immediately. Email me asap and I can even set up your profile for you!


Email Address: 555@renthotangels.com

Phone Number: 555-668-6204


City Location Selected by Client: MO - Kansas City

Location Based on Client IP Address: Houston, USA

Distance from Your Location: RespDist.Distance Miles


When you send an email to this new client, please be sure to

include your M4RN Screen Name with your reply so that he can

locate your ad on the site.


Your M4RN Screen Name is: XXXX



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This site appears to have some fresh content... has anyone looked into it?


I checked 2 cities and there were a couple of guys listed here that were not elsewhere (i.e., RM, M4RN, HB).


I'm suspicious. Why would a website none of us has previously heard of have listings for men who don't advertise elsewhere? I'm guessing they padded their content with made up ads, pilfering photos from the internet and hoping the men whose photos were stolen won't notice.

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There are a lot of familiar ads on the site. Maybe @Brian Kevin could shed some light. Did you intentionally place an ad on the site or did they scrape your info from elsewhere?


They got me. Said I make an add and i get a year free, after making my ad I was told I'd be contacted when my year free is active thus two months later-- no phone call. I personally am going to go with scam.


The interface is shakey and hard to use, yu don't know what half the shit on their site means and as I said before it's not user friendly.


For now, I'd say avoid the website, I refuse to put my C.C. Number in that website and I recommend everyone else doing the same. I've talked with their customer support three times while making my ad and I'm so good with building, fixing and operating/building websites but Jesus does theirs need some help. Some click-able spots bring you to dead URLs.


This website is below back page and craigslist to me right now it gives me a bad vibe as of now. The lady said she loved my reviews and would love for me to be apart of the website blah blah blah.

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