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Those Eastern European Boys

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I have a very sneaking suspicion about Vass et. al. in this story. Back in the time of 2009-2010 or thereabouts, some Hungarian porn actors I knew in Europe suddenly began appearing in NYC usually with ads on Rentboy (that had the same ad and phone number, but revolving photos, so a real RED FLAG). Since two or three of them were acquaintances, I soon met up with them. They were staying in a "one-bedroom" apartment down in the Wall Street area of NYC. It was an odd set-up, somewhat modern building - more of an office building but with apartments on upper floors that seemed geared as turn-key places for busy execs. In this apartment there were usually 3 or 4 of them sharing that one "bedroom" place - a bedroom that had no window, and appeared more like a small office with a mattress on the floor. The others slept on a large "L" shaped feature leather couch that pretty much filled the sitting room space (and often their Rentboy photos were from that apartment and its tiny balcony). It was a mess - imagine 3 or 4 strangers in their 20's sharing a small bathroom (no toilet paper, towels on the floor, toilet, sink, and shower never really clean) and a kitchen that was more a "maid's kitchen" with fridge, stove (4-burner), microwave and a combo of junk food and health food supplements all over the place. Every time I visited the sink was filled with dirty dishes, food was strewn on counters and place needed a definite maid service visit.


The guys who I knew spoke of being kept almost as slaves in the apartment, forced to "work it" up to the 20-hour time periods mentioned in the article on Vass and friends. On three separate occasions when one of them, a good friend, called to ask me to meet him (socially, not sexually) I invited him and one of the others with him at the time out for dinner and on ALL THREE OCCASIONS they had to abruptly leave the dinner (often before the main course even arrived) because their "boss" called them back to the apartment for a john.


Full disclosure: I assisted two of these sex slaves to "escape" from the hell-hole on Wall Street and put them up in a reasonable apartment/hotel in midtown that had a kitchenette, big bedroom (2 beds), TV and basement gym which provided them the space, and time, to see clients without having to turn over the usual more than 50% of the profits to a handler, and so pull themselves gradually out of debt and able to return home (on airline tickets I bought them).


This Wall Street operation apparently then moved to an apartment in Hell's Kitchen, but the same set-up, and I would see acquaintances moving in and out of there on a regular basis (with other "locations" in Las Vegas and Miami where they would be flown before returning home to Budapest or Prague or wherever).


I am in contact with 3 of these guys from the past (all retired and who have moved on from escorting) and was tempted to forward the story to them, but do not want to compromise their new lives, nor dredge up bad memories from the past, but the M.O. of Vass sounds so sadly familiar from that time. I hope he and his accomplices get their comuppance as someone's jail "friend" - they sure tried to ruin the lives of a number of handsome, young men from Central Europe who were desperate to break out of their own destitute backgrounds and were used - and badly abused - during their time in the US.

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Thanks for sharing these comments and multiple thank you to you for your kindness and generosity to these young men. I am sure they will have a special place in their hearts and minds for the rest of their lives. You are a remarkable guy.


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