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Review: BuffBoyzz at Feathers: River Edge, NJ

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Visited on 4/4/15


It was awesome to return to Feathers in New Jersey after so many years. Feathers, along with Triangles in Connecticut, were college-day bars for me that provided local, gay fun. As I haven’t been to a BuffBoyzz event under the direction of Jeffery W. (all of my experiences in the past were with Johnny, specifically at Show World on Long Island), I was looking forward to experiencing what many have told me. BEYOND flattered Feathers asked for ID! However, my friend said it was to see if my ID was on a stone tablet. LOL!



The lap dance area was private for those getting lap dances as it was secluded from the rest of the populous. As you were on couches next to other patrons getting lap dances, it was still roomy and very comfortable. The extra throw pillows were a nice touch to add back and head support.



Drew: 4 Dances. Overall Grade: B



He came up to me quickly while I was at the bar with BARTENDER GOD MIKE (the ones we want to dance never do)! He gave me a tour of the place and shared his experiences as an actor so far, and the roles he will play in the future. Great conversation, average lap dance.



Gino: 4 Dances. Overall Grade: A



He’s 100% Italian. When he found out I do like it a little rough, he quickly obliged. PERFECT ass, he laughed at my outdated phone (iPhone 4), and he’s truly a manly man.



JR: 9 Dances. Overall Grade: A+




SO sensual. SO accommodating. Truly, no other words. He could teach a course to others on the art of giving good lap dances. Polite, not aggressive, and truly erotic. It’s as if he had a dial for the setting of gentleness or aggression I wanted.



Izzy: 2 Dances. Overall Grade: B-



His body was indeed sculpted by the Gods. Tall. Handsome. Perfectly proportioned body. However, I would have received a better lap dance from a piece of Melba toast. I must share we were engaged in a conversation about the profession I’m in, for which he’s studying to go into. It was the best conversation of the night, and the worst lap dance of the night. Maybe if we didn’t talk, it would have been better. However, the conversation was worth it.



Rino: 2 Dances. Overall Grade: Ovary.



Yes, I’ve been to female strip clubs. Yes, I’ve received lap dances from women. Rino caused me to have a flashback to that experience. His style is very feminine. If you like that style, then he’s right for you.

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Good grief! I had no idea Feathers was still in existence. The last time I was there, homosexuality was still illegal in New Jersey.


Charlie, LOL! I was in college in the late 80s/early 90s. Feathers was indeed a destination for us upper Hudson Valley folk. Their formula has remained the same: quiet bar area downstairs and a Queer as Folk thumping club space upstairs. Over the years, club promoters from NYC extended their grasp up to Feathers and would have event/theme nights from time to time. I don't think a lot of them took hold. BuffBoyzz has for sure. Just a nice lap dance space. What I did notice with Feathers overall is the addiction to bottle service. The youngins LOVE their roped off areas so they feel special and they LOVE the photo opps for their social media accounts. I'm 46, so I enjoy sitting at a bar drinking and chatting with a handsome bartender that tells a lie or two to make me feel like I was just given a corsage at prom. NYC-level lap dances this close to home is indeed a treat, and a danger to my purse.

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