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Any Recent Experiences with Anthony Breioc

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Anthony is a nice guy, with a good blend of therapeutic and erotic elements to his massages (treat yourself to the 90 minute session). The entire experience feels spontaneous and not scripted. I did see him in December and he looked fantastic. He goes on long trips sometimes during which he takes down his ads. I can only say nice things about him, and have been his client for many years. He is definitely my go-to masseur in NY. If you search this forum, you will find much useful information.


Finally, I have learned to take the recommendations from 'Aeroguy', the author of the above post, very seriously. He hasn't steered me wrong, in addition to being a great guy and mentor. I don't know what he said in his PM to you, but whatever it is, I am sure it is valuable advice!

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Hired Eli twice, never hired Anthony even if he looks amazing. But if "their services are VERY similar", with Eli you save 90 bucks! :)


Not really ... my understanding is that Eli charges 160 for 60 minutes and Anthony charges 250 for 90 minutes. You got to make a fair comparison :)

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One must consider, however, that the lovely Anthony pointedly does not provide a 60 minute option. You are required to spend $250 minimum for his services. With Eli, you have a more accessible $160 opening price albeit for 60 minutes.

That being said, I have received a couple of PMs requesting greater insight to their stylistic differences.

Allow me to put it thus: Were we playing 'Fuck, Marry, Kill', I would 'Fuck' Eli and 'Marry' Anthony.

I would, of course, never suggest killing anyone as that would be unkind and likely get me tossed off the message board.

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Scorpio guy, would love to know the same thing. I saw Anthony once, and while it was certainly not bad, i never did a repeat. My go to masseurs are Ryan West and Armani and I love them both and have seen them for several years, always open to trying new ones tho, which is why I tried Anthony, but like I said, while not a bad experience, not as good as my two regulars, Eli intrigues me tho......

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Ryan is exceptional and I've seen him on a few occasions. He only works when he is in NYC, which is about one week each month.



Eli, Anthony and Ryan are all certainly worth checking out once. With these three you will have sensual experience with a hot guy (in little or no clothing) that will leave you FULLY relaxed. You may then make your own informed decision about which you prefer. Keep in mind that the chemistry between client and masseur will significantly influence a masseur's technique. The experience of one person will not necessarily be the experience of another.


Armani is not my type and has old reviews that are, uh, mixed. Maybe you should throw him some love on M4M.



Cliff, go to 'inbox' on the upper right and select 'start a conversation' to start a PM.


'Fuck, Marry, Kill' is indeed a real game. For example, I would 'Fuck' Chris Hemsworth, 'Marry' Robert Downey Jr. and 'Kill' Chris Evans.



It's a great ice-breaker at parties.

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