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RB's "Chat" Feature

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Because a text message from a cell phone isn't a more legitimate way to chat?


As far as I can tell, any sort of chat is legitimate, just don't expect that the people you want to chat with are using the same methods that you are. They may be into you, just not into the chat medium you use. If you want to chat with people you need to work out where they are chatting.

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No, I'd have to disagree. Texting someone from a phone # is way more legitimate than an anonymous chat message. We can agree to disagree. I just don't want to be the victim of "tell me what you'd do to my hole" while they type with one hand and jerk off to a rentboy profile with the other :) However, I'd gladly start an online 1900 number and happily chat away lol.


Hahahaha...this made me laugh. I guess it would be hard to text and jerk off at the same time, not to mention the mess. :eek:


BTW...your pics in the gallery are outstanding!!! :D

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