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nyc rentboys: Too good to be true?

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Is Bozo delusional to think one can get a porn star/escort in NYC for $150?









Who will open the door when Bozo shows up?



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Jason Crystal for both. Things must be getting harder for him, because lately he has to post 2 ads



This Jason Crystal has been much-discussed in the Deli, and there is no doubt he is a fraud and is bad news generally.


Who is this cad, exactly? Does he travel around like an Escort Snake Oil Salesman? Or is he local to NYC? How often does he secure his $150 payment when the client sees him and immediately understands that the ad was fraudulent?


Very curious about this JC phenomenon!

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Jason and his boys all seem to have the same series of photos (selfies) and generally 3 or more of them hit a city at the same time (so you finding two here at the same time is no shocker, as they travel, purportedly, in a shared van).


You can often find cross-referenced ads on Men4RentNow too.


The way to differentiate is simple - amazingly handsome, muscular young men are not going to give it away for $150/hr ....

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Jason and his boys all seem to have the same series of photos (selfies) and generally 3 or more of them hit a city at the same time


Jason Crystal has NO boys. As far as I know he only works alone. Search Jason Crystal in the archives, I given the tell tale signs many times before. And I believe he only runs ads on Rentboy. The Zack ad has photos of at least 4 different people. The Ritchy is at least 2 different people


Jason Sparks does travel with a group of boys. They are currently in Florida. They advertise on both Rentboy and Men4RentNow. They use their actual photographs. I just believe there's some question as to the service or quality of service that they provide. The easiest way to tell where this group is at anyone time is to check the listings for Fairbanks, Alaska on Men4RentNow.com. For some reason, they use that as their home city, although I doubt they ever there or have been there. They don't use selfies, but use more "professional" type photos from Jason's website: Jason Sparks Live.


The is another set up boys that do travel in a pack (whether there's actually more than more I don't think has ever been determined). They use names like TrevorFalls88, RyanRubs, GabeJennings. There are several other names that they currently using but they escape me at the moment. The screen names usually have numbers in the title. They use a variety of selfies.

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