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to start the new year 01-05

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Ditto Axiom..."Supreme" indeed. I loved #1 2 3 5 6 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 17...

With #3 13 and 17 being best. I saw #17 for the first time in a video years ago, I think in "The road to bountiful" I just never forgot him, and I sure wish my contractor looked like #13. ;)


Brilliant Jag. Thanks so much for taking the time to post this series on this first Monday of 2015.

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I'm sooo relieved - I was afraid that people would think I was strange when I wore my t shirt and jock when I was in my truck. But now I see that other guys do exactly the same thing. I feel so affirmed,


When I finally decide to put up the sling, I'm calling #13 - I think he seems pretty handy with an electric drill.

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JustaGuy, I was savoring this on and off now for two days.


Yes, SUPREME is a good word to begin describing this exceptional collection.


#1 and #9 - so damn sexy, sultry, handsome and leaving you wanting MORE.


Laughed at philmusc's affirmation on #3 -- now I will be very curious as I pass those big trucks on the interstates.....


I also agree that in January when there are always to-do's to do around the place, having a handyman like #13 would be an added bonus (the mind boggles at what he would be placing up there over the bed!!!)


All THE MUSCLE SHOTS WERE FANTASTIC (##2, 5, 6 [mmmm Asian muscle], 7, 10,11 [nice happy trail there], as were the classic a$$ shots in 4, 8, 12, 16, 18 and 20.


I was intrigued not so much by the muscle tone as by those dark round huge nips on 19 and musing how sensitive they might be....


But then, #17 came up (as did something else), and this really HOT redhead really gets me going. Would love a whole series on him (and a name, and if he escorts...).


#21 had me drooling, #22 my tongue was getting itchy to dive in, #23... whew and then #24 bringing it to a close in how sweaty steamy style. THANKS!

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