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A4A Account Suspended

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A couple days ago I went to the Adam4Adam site for the first time and created a new account. A couple hours later I discovered that I could no longer log on to the site because my account had been suspended. Not having knowingly done anything that I felt deserved that punishment, I assumed it was a mistake, a problem with the site due to the holidays.


When my account was still suspended yesterday, I sent them a note asking why, and I received this reply:


Hello, your account has been suspended because there have been questions as to the authenticity of pic in your profile and we need to see other pics of you for verification. Please send us a similar pic showing your face but while holding a paper with your username and today's date written on it.


Questions about the authenticity of my pic? WTF? It's the same pic I use on three other gay sites. At first I was a bit flattered that they thought my pic, showing my bare torso and face, was a phony. Do I really look so good in that pic that someone might use it as a disguise?


Anyway, I followed their instructions, sent the additional pic, and shortly thereafter my account was restored. I'm wondering now if this might be SOP for new accounts to reduce fraud. Did anyone have a similar experience?

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I've had my current A4A account for several years, so I don't have first-hand knowledge of their current new member verification process. However, an escort I know had a problem with his account. The pics are his (I've seen them and him...they match!), but they required him to go through a verification process a few months after creating his profile. I've received messages of the "My darling sir, I am looking for an intelligent man such as yourself" variety and by the time I read the message the profile has already been deleted.

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