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So tired of Rentboy!!!!!

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So here we are the weekend before Christmas/Holiday time and Rentboy has decided to crash again.


What is with the half-a$$ed idiots that operate this site that::


a) on Fridays generally they do some sort of data dump and the site stutters and stops for US-based escorts (usually lasts an hour or so?);

b) cannot vet or weed out fake ads (that - we see are a large proportion of the ads they carry, causing a lot of heartache and stomachache for clients);

c) seems to just disappear for no reason - and no explanation - today.

d) cannot (or will not) improve the filters of the search so that one can (as you could in the past) search for qualities in a guy in multiple cities at the same time (now you have to do individual searches for ever damn city -- what is wrong with a "state-wide" filter, or even "nation-wide"?)


OK got that off my chest - and YES as of now the site has been down a few hours.

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The site now says "Under Maintenance: Due to a fiber optic service outage in the NYC area, logins are temporarily disabled. Engineers have been dispatched and they are correcting the problem. We apologize for any inconvenience and we expect to be fully operational within a few hours. In the meantime, please check out our rentboys."


So you can't log in, and rentboys can't set their availability, but that's supposed to be fixed in a bit and the site is otherwise functioning.


Kevin Slater

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I've all but quit using Rentboy due to all its issues. The redesigned site is a convoluted mess. Rentmen has become my go-to site. The search function is easy and no frustrating crashes.


+1 - I discovered Rentmen way back when they started up, and have nothing but praise for that site. It is well-presented, up-to-date, and when (if) there is an issue, they get back to you right away and with a good and plausible answer to your question(s). I find it user-friendly, and you get a heck of a lot more info on a guy from them. I only wish MORE rentguys would discover the advantages of RENTMEN over RENTBOY.

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I do wish Rentmen had a block feature. I'm tired of scrolling past the same people I'm not interested in over and over. I do like the RB block but that's about it.


True - the one objection to Rentmen that I have is the inability to block ads, but they make up for it in the ability to block escorts from contacting you (something like the "ignore" button function here). Sure having that feature would make scrolling for escorts much easier, but given the lower number of advertisers (over against Rentboy) I'd end up with maybe two or three choices for some places.

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