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Alexander Berlin.....has anybody had an experience with him?

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Alexander Berlin (http://www.alexanderberlin.com).....has anybody had an experience with him?


Just curious. I had a really mixed experience with him. First meeting was quite good, but the second meeting was "strange".


I am thinking about starting 2015 with a hot escort. Unsure whether I should book him again or not. As I have a mixed experience with him, I am unsure.


If anybody has spent time with him before, please share your experience. Thanks.

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I saw him several years ago. I would not repeat. And my gratuitous advice to you would be to trust your instincts and find another man.


Hi MscleLovr......thanks for your comment and advice. I will definitely find another man. There are some escorts in London that I really want to meet anyway.


Back to Alexander Berlin. As I said before, the second meeting was weird. It was an overnight. His overnight rate was really high compared to many London escorts. Before the meeting, he asked me whether I wanted to have dinner with him. I frankly said to him that I am not a "romantic dinner" kind of guy, so there was no way I'd want to have dinner with him in a fancy restaurant. I said to him that I'd stay in suite in a top London Hotel and there's a separate living room, a small gym and a dining table for up to 4 people inside the suite. I said to him that he could order anything that he wanted from the room service menu. He agreed.


He came to see me at 9 pm. For me, it was the weirdest overnight that I have ever experienced with an escort. First, there was no physical contact from the first 5 hours. No contact at all. Not even a slight touch (it was very different from the first meeting when we had a 2 hours hard sex). This time, he just kept talking. I don't mind having a chat. However, he talked about the most bizarre things, i.e. his sexual experience with his other clients - that I think was a bit too much for me, and I did not particularly want to hear it. He even came up with some conspiracy theory (i.e. how he thought that Germany did not lose the World War).


It was so weird that after 5 hours chatting, when we eventually had sex at 2 O'clock in the morning, I was not in the mood anymore as I was so turned off after hearing things that he said. It was such a crap sex. Not enjoyable at all. There was a time when I was actually in pain. Then, we stopped. We did not cum. He fell asleep until around 9 am in the morning. I could not sleep (I actually worked in front of my computer while he was sleeping). Then, we attempted to have sex again in the morning (very quickly, it was less than 5 minutes. He wanked, he ejaculated, and I ejaculated). That was it. A crap less than 5 minutes morning sex.


I only booked him for an overnight as I had quite a decent first time experience with him. The overnight was arranged so that I could know him better. However, it was a disappointing overnight session.


Was your experience with him as bad as my experience?


Thanks again for your comment.

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