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Monday Wakeup Call

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If I had tights that tight, my ass would look great, too! Now my muffin top? Not so much.


Sorry ISC, in order for an Ass to look THAT good in tights. you need to have an ASS that looks that good out of tights. Aint nuthin flat and squeezed in about that butt. But good try anyway ! You aint raining on THIS parade....:o


P.S. - you can purchase a pair of male "Spanx" to test your theory though....

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Thanks for a great post... now you guys all know why I contribute to ballet companies so I can go to rehearsals and see these sights on a regular basis. Not only are the rear views spectacular, so are the front scenes, plus you can meet them up front and personal and have some fun conversations with them. Ironically some of the most fun guys to interact with in a ballet company are those who are straight and married, but who enjoy interaction with other guys too !!

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