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The Marc Dylan Drinking Game

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The Rules:


Every time Marc is mentioned in a thread actually about Marc... TAKE ONE DRINK.

Every time Marc is mentioned in a thread not actually about Marc... TAKE TWO DRINKS.


If Marc is misspelled as "Mark"... TAKE HALF A DRINK.

If Marc replies directly to your post... TAKE TWO DRINKS if the reply is negative and ONE DRINK if positive.


If the word "attack" is used in the post about Marc... Gman will need to TAKE ONE DRINK or SIGH WISTFULLY TWICE.


Feel free to add your own rules to the game—it's fun!

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Let me try I love drinking games


If you copy and paste from a previous thread the one from whom you copied Drinks


If you post and your post solicites a response from Marc we all drink


I wanna drink in Cancun or Aruba...


When I see Marc we are going to order a pitcher of Margaritas and drink to all of you



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Be careful boys....


Drinking makes you fat.... that's a fact, not a theory like "evolution"..


So, if you play this game, the you run the risk of not being HWP....


So, just be warned, when you sober up.... you won't be able to hire Mark...


And now you have to drink.


Me, first.



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