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Monday Mix (08-27)

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Great set of Monday Morning Men to examine. Thanks.

My choices? Love almost everything about #6---face, hair, body, package, and of course there's a "but"--I wish his dentist or someone had told him to go a few degrees lighter on the teeth-whitening.

#15--love everything about this guy and would love to tug that arm away from what I KNOW is a sensual mouth.

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I'll take #1 and #6 in a 3-way with me and also #15 and #18 in a 3-way with me.


In #25 that's Jason Kingsley and Jed Wilcox (they were a couple years ago, don't konw if they still are). They were in NYC about 6 years ago and advertised on Rentboy. I booked a 3 way with them and Jed and I topped one another and Jason topped both of us. Yes, Jason is really hung as big as it looks in his porn movies and photo shoots.

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I thought No. 6 was just super hot.


But I loved No. 10 and his half-friendly/half-wicked smile. You just know he's extended an invitation to jam his cock down some throat!


I agree, #6 is hot, but something about his face and head reminds me of a Jack-O-Lantern. Thats why i have a collection of paper bags. :o

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These men "caught my attention and desire!" #2 #3 #6 #7 #9 #13 #14 #15 #17

#21 and #23 {BOTH!} Hell, I'm not shy in what I want! If it's all of them, so be it! It's wonderful to

be classed as a "pig slut" sometimes, something that I'd truly love to be part before I leave this earth!

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bvb - Is Jed the top and Jason the bottom in this photo? Whichever, I envy your experience.:p They are both beautiful!:cool:


As justaguy stated, Jason was the top and Jed the bottom in #25. When I booked them Jason had bottomed on screen and as Jason put it "for a select few off screen" but at that time Jason was much more a top. And he was most likely top with just about every client they saw. I suspect that might be different if he was still escorting since he has bottomed for some of the biggest hung porn stars out there including Brad Patton (in a Colt film).


Jason was an excellent top when I saw him. We had a "train" going and Jason topped Jed while Jed topped me and he topped me while I topped Jed. When Jed couldn't hold back and had to come, he headed into the shower and Jason got me in the "piledriver" position and went to town. He's one of the few guys that has ever literally fucked the cum out of me handsfree - and he really got off seeing that happen.

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A really great mix, and I especially like that many of these models are over 25 (and 30 or more).


# 4, hot, sweaty, hairy, nice legs and great muscular arms -- great!

# 6, I am a sucker for guys with toothy grins

# 7 - beautiful handsome and hung Silver Fox

# 9 - great face, just wish the nips were bigger

# 23 -- I too would be like the guy off camera with the bulging boner looking at this guy in a shower

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... Jason was an excellent top when I saw him. We had a "train" going ...


Thanks, vbf, for the further commentary. As I said, (sorry I confused with bvb) I envy your experience, although I must confess I would prefer each one alone, one on one.:p

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