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Surprising my ex boyfriend

Bart van de Hogelanden
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Having broken up with a long-term partner within a year, I don't understand your logic. You have both gone on with your lives regardless of the reason for the breakup, so just let it be! This approach is CRUEL and NEEDLESS.


Boston Bill

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In DC i am ging to surprise my ex boyfriend. He dumped me for a new sugardaddy but now i have a new athletical friend and a much younger one. I know that he now must work for his money so he will be angry.



Well, since on the one hand so many posters feel you should let your ex dump you for a new sugar daddy without any further contact on your part, and since on the other hand you'd at least like to let him know you're alright, perhaps there's a happy compromise.



For example, maybe you could just arrange to run into him, and ask how he's doing.


Good gosh! I didn't recognize you at first. You look so much older. Are you OK?



Let him know you are happy for him and support his new life.


I'm glad you have found work, what with the unemployment rate and all. You know what they say: Idle hands are the devil's workshop!



Be brief, and let him know that you are managing to get by.


Well, I mustn't keep you! My new boyfriend is tugging at me to head back to the hotel for another romp in the hay. Honestly, it's so different from our time together. But we all learn to adjust.



End with a few words of encouragement.


Do take good care of yourself and try not to let your new life get you down. Too much.



Just a thought, and I do hope you'll let us know how it goes. :rolleyes:

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Why would you evidence any surprise that a "rentboy" deserted you for a better opportunity is beyond me? You were engaged in a mutually exploitive relationship based on money, and, "movin' on up" is the name of the game with the "boys". Enjoy your new romantic interest, and, forget the former boy friend. . .

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You go, girl!


I think you should proceed as planned. You will give them a great story to share with their friends and their friends' friends. Then, when the gossip circles back to you, there will be an opportunity to do something even more bitchy and cold and the drama will continue.

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