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Brazilian Beauties !

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The post is appreciated, but I'd like to have seen a MUCH MORE DIVERSE selection/collection of men. Brasil is diverse; its people are likewise.

I've been fortunate to have traveled throughout most of this vast country 8Xs during the 2000s, the last being in October of 2011 for almost

two weeks. [if you got these men from the blog "Made in Brazil," I used to get a great web site presentation from the webmaster before he

chose to do Facebook. What I addressed was constantly presented periodically.


I AM NOT discounting your contribution, for I appreciate it, but if you were to do this again, please try to show a variety of hot Brasilian men.

I love Brasil, its cultures, its people [especially its men]!!!!!!!

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Thanks for a great post. I have only been to Brazil once... I guess I need to go with Axiom so he can show me the ropes... but, I must say, I did enjoy meeting the men I did meet there... very diverse in many ways, including age... some of those guys never seem to age at all !! Anyway, I'd love to meet 2, 6, 7, 8 and 12 to start! Thanks again.

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JJ--you are the BEST!! One quiet request and it's almost instantly fulfilled. Thanks.

As for the Brazlian boys---#7 is certainly a fantasy I'd like to meet.

And I'll echo Axiom's request---more please and mix in some brown sugar and spice.

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