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Hot Young Dominant Escort in LA to Tie Me Up

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I've returned to these hallowed halls of hedonism because it hit me that the answer to just about 96% of all problems in this world is to throw money at it.


My therapist and I were discussing my issues with control and I brought up a recent attempt to search Recon for someone to tie me up and edge me a la Chaos Men. I had found a guy who was actually an acquaintance of mine to do it but when I finally got the nerve to ask him to DO it, he got into an exclusive relationship. *sigh*


I liked him because he was just a little older, incredibly hot, and someone I trusted.


Obviously the idea of being tied up and restrained gives me the anxiety (even typing about it) of being taken advantage of beyond my expectations. Without someone I already knew and trusted, it would be equivalent to inviting a stranger in to take me for everything.


So I'm surrendering and turning it over to the experts. Is there someone that fits the bill, 25-35'ish in the LA area who knows what they're doing in this arena?


... And MOST IMPORTANTLY, does he take a credit card so I can write this off as medical? I'm kidding. Kind of.


Thanks in advance!

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SAdler... I just caught this and even though we have had no real interactions in the past other than reading your formerly frequent postings, it is indeed "interesting" as BG says to welcome you back. In any event, all the "concerns" that you mention are exactly what makes such a scene so hot! Plus as you imply the whole crux of he matter is "trust" when "surrendering"... and as for the "anxiety"... that's what makes it all so exciting...


In any event, while not in the "25-35'ish" range if I were not 3,000 mile away I would be more than willing to take you there... and I even might consider MC/Visa/Discover... but unfortunately I don't take American Express.:)



PS: Regarding Master Avery, who will be visiting LA according to ErieBear, I saw him in action at a club in NYC about a week or so ago... and he knows what he is doing... it would be interesting to see if you could handle the ride.

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