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Bar Pickups

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I was "talking" with another Forum member and he mentioned to me that he had picked up a straight guy at a bar- straight bar- he said they had a number of drinks and he said to the straight guy, " boy, I'd like to suck your cock" and the guy agreed. Now I realize that alcohol plays a huge effect into this scenario and the " straight" guy was at least a little curious and my buddy has movie star looks, he will deny that, but I was wordering if any othe forum members have picked up a guy at a straight bar.

I haven't yet!

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I've never had a whole lot of luck at gay bars! I'm not real good at bars and reading who is on the prowl for sex and who is there to have a drink and socialize. Even though I'm a talkative person and not really shy, I end up clamming up ... Although in the '80s, I had to make the bar scene work for me to some degree because there was no Internet and I didn't live anywhere where bathhouses and such operated. (And that was back when they were closing all of them down).


So ... to the question: Have I ever picked up a guy at a straight bar? If that ever happened, it was in my younger days and time and alcohol have erased the memory.

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