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Swinging Richards Atlanta - Update

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So much talk here about montreal, new york, Miami, fort Lauderdale. I feel like Atlanta is left out of the mix. Now that Swinging Richards is open in North Miami Beach, there is even less talk about Atlanta. Which is a shame because Atlanta is a great place to live or visit and has a charm of its own.


One thing that separates Richards from New York or Florida, or even Montreal, is that most of the guys are local. (i.e. within an hour drive of Atlanta). We have a lot of sexy young guys here. I'll never forget the time I was working out at LA Fitness and developed a crush on one very sexy trainer. He left LA Fitness but about a year later I walked in the club....and there he was on stage shaking his ass. That kind of thing has happened more than once. That's not to say we don't have former circuit strippers take up residence but most of the guys grew up here in the Atlanta area.


Now, Atlanta isn’t Montreal but we do have 3 clubs with dancing boys. BJ roosters has go-go boys. Every once in a while you can find a few cute guys there. Bliss is an all nude club. But has a very weak lineup. But Swinging Richards Atlanta is still one of the best strip clubs in the world and it helps to make Atlanta a great place to visit. So, since no one else provides much info regarding SR Atlanta, I decided to give a bit of an update regarding Richards. Including a dancer update’.


Parking is still $3

Cover is still $10

Table dances in the main loung are still $10

VIP cover = $10

Table dances in the VIP lounge are still $20

The VIP room prices are still the same but now you have to pay for the room and the dancer up front. This is a bit of a hassle but it prevents problems with customers saying they didn't know how much something cost and with dancers discounting their fee (especially for girls)


Now for the list....Let me give a couple of caveats. First, the heights/weights are best guesses. Second, while these guys tend to be pleasant, there are only a few that I would actually trust. They basically tell you what you want to hear and they are in this for money. Some of the guys below are very good at getting people to give them money. Don’t think you are going to gain their love and affection.


Finally, my list is not comprehensive. I think they have close to 50 guys on the roster. I just can’t remember them all but here are a few.


1. Clint, 5’9, 185 – He’s been at SR since I think 2005. People either really like him or they don’t care for him at all. I haven’t had much contact with him but he’s always been pleasant. Never caused any trouble and he is a very good dance. He has a rep for spending too much time with women at the club


2. Ricardo (formerly known as Leon) HOT HOT HOT! 5’8, 195, latino. 100% solid muscle. Drop dead gorgeous. Doesn’t dance much these days. Currently slimming down for another bodybuilding completion. I attended one he placed in last summer. Truly one of the nicest guys at the club…..and he is DANCING THIS WEEK. Go see him while you can!!!!!!


3. Rome, 5’9, 150, dark hair, blue eyes. Cute, sexy guy. Good dance. He recognizes customer’s with $$$ very quick!


4. Robert, 5’8, 140. Cute guy. One of the openly gay dancers. Has a good following and is well liked


5. Ford, 5’9, 150. Another one of the openly gay guys. If you like twinks you would say he’s hot. I’ll just say he’s cute


6. Cain, 6’0, 180, dark hair. Really good looking guy. A fun dance. He is in better shape these days and looks great after having shaved his chest. He also has a large dick (for the size queens out there). He’s done some solo porn stuff so you might recognize him from southernstrokes or chaosmen…..The video work was several years ago though.


7. Caesar, 6’1, 220 african American. Really good looking muscular guy. Never have talked to him but he is known as a nice guy and has quite a few fans


8. Jeff, 5’10, 185, dark hair….hairy chest for those of you that like that sort of thing. I’ve never talked to him but he seems like a pretty nice guy


9. Colin, 6’0, 195, blondish hair, blue eyes. Another hot mess. He’s not as handsome as Cain but he is cute. He also has a really big dick for the size queens. I like him more when he is sober and not hi.


10. Jake, 5’9, 175, dark hair, brown eyes. HOT HOT HOT! This would be Jake from Sean Cody and he is definitely one of my favorites. He’s bright, fun to talk to, and friendly. ……and at least for me, he is a VERY good dance. Not great a working the bar so if you are interested you have to let him know


11. Pierce, 5’9, 195, dark hair. Too many tats but love this guy. His body looks great. Very defined abs and he has put on 25 pounds or so in the last 6 months. Very fun dance.


12. Jordan, 5’9, 175, latin/Hispanic. Started dancing at Richards when he was 19. At the time, he had one of the best asses I had ever seen. But after a couple of years he left. But after several years away, he comes back….and has been there for a little over two years now. He’s older but still looks great and still has a nice ass


13. Alex, 5’9, 245, latino. This one is especially for you bodybuilder lovers. The guy has muscles on top of muscles…and he doesn’t have that bodybuilder gut that you often see. He is also one of the sweetest guys at the club AND….he is a FUN dance


14. Shaun, 5’11, 200 – like Clint. He has been in the business for quite a few years. He is smart. Has a good following.


15. Skyler, 5’9, 150 – looks younger than he is. Friendly, touchy. Fun dance


16. Mayhem, 5’10, 190 – great body, cute guy. A bit shy and not great at working the bar. Somehow, he actually started out at Bliss. But figured out he would make more money at Richards


17. JJ – the current DJ and hasn’t danced in a while. He was thinking about dancing on his off-nights (Wed/Thur) but I don’t know that he will. He’s a very good looking guy and does a great job as the DJ.



Hope this is helpful

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Welcome AtlantaObserver to daddy's. Hope you'll continue to keep us up-to-date on the club and it's dancers.... Thanks for the very detailed report. It's much appreciated... This Forum just keeps on getting better and better.



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Some suggested improvements. The last few times I've gone in the club....all I've heard from dancers is how there is no money. Business is down. It probably is but there here are a few suggestions, that if implemented would dramatically improve the business and attract better talent.


1. Create tiered drink prices. $10 for a mixed drink was launched a few months ago. Which is stupid to start with. Richards was already the most expensive mixed drinks of any gay bar in Atlanta at $8.25. Apparently, it was the idea of the owner's friend who happens to be the worst bartender in the history of Atlanta. My guess is that the club's bar business has been down since that happened. Not hard to figure out why. Unless you are STUPID. It isn't because a bartender is stealing from you, nor is it due to 'a down time of the year'. I know i've heard more than a few customers complain about it. If you want to charge more for premium liquor then do so but don't insult by hoping you can sneak the cheap stuff across and charge the same thing you do for the premium stuff.


2. Make the cover charge for women $20. Half the clubs in this town have ladies night...and ladies in free before midnight. But at a gay strip club...the women are treated pretty much the same as men. The number of women has steadily increased in the past year and while most of them don't cause a problem the shear number of them is distracting and it absolutely inhibits tipping and interaction with the dancers.


3. Identify your big spenders and treat them well. I have talked with people from pretty much all over the US but their visits have stopped to a trickle in the past year and it isn't because they no longer have the money. They have said they are treated much better by management and ownership in Montreal, clubs in Florida, etc. The club draws dancers because of the big spenders. The club draws customers because of the dancers. Without the big spenders, the number of VIP rooms done drops, the quality of the dancers drops. When the quality of the dancers goes down, the number of customers coming into the club goes down. and the club's business at the door goes down as well as the bar business. Honestly, get your head out of your ass. Make sure you identify the big spenders, especially the ones from out of town....THEY CAN AND WILL GO ELSEWHERE.


4. Recruit some new talent In the last year, Richards has added very little new talent. It's ok to see some familiar faces but if you want the big spenders to stay excited....get some new blood.

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Interesting insights there, observer. I've never been to SR, not my thing, just not into clubs, bars, etc. I've always heard about the throngs of women who go to inspect the straight boys, but how's the atmosphere, literally? Is it still a smoke-filled coffin of death?

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many bars in Atlanta fit that description, Richards is no exception. It is mind boggling that we don't outlaw smoking in bars like every other civilized city in America. But the bar owners and a small group of customers fight it. The position defies logic as every city where smoking has been banned has either maintained the same level of business or actually seen increases. i wish the smokers would all choke on their cigs and die. (sorry, I'm not politically correct)

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Decided to drop by Richards on Saturday night with a few friends. *The Parking lot was almost full when we arrived a little after 10:30. *The bar went from crowded to completely packed.


B rated lineup - which would be an A+ almost anywhere else. *It was also extremely warm in the main lounge. *Almost like a steam room. *The VIP lounge was a little better.


Interesting night. *The owner established a new rule in part because of te magic mike movie. *

1. *No sitting at tables with girls.

2. The manager even warned dancers who were taking to girls. *

3. Dancers could not take more than one girl to a VIP room (they often go in groups)


One manager (who sits at the door) and 40 dancers...no way he can enforce that rule. *


Most memorable moments.


-dancer - still naked after his stage set, walks to the back and sees hot girl alone. *Walks up to her, smiles, says something and rubs his dick against her leg. *She turns red.... So does her boy friend who is returning from the bar with drinks. *(his shade of red was a bit different and I thought this particular dancer was in a bit of trouble but fortunately he moved on quickly)


5 very attractive ladies in SHORT skirts walk up to the front door, ID's and money in hand. *Manager won't let them in.... My did they have potty mouths. *Btw, they had already paid for Peking and they weren't given a refund :). *That happened multiple times on Saturday night


At one point half of the audience was women. *I really hope this Magic Mike stuff dies out quickly. *I don't mind a few women but geeeeeez. *As always, the solution is so simple.... Raise the cover charge for women to $25. *But the club won't do it so my guess is we will be seeing them all summer


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