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Scandal Hits WalMart

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Just as it was basking in the glow of having its toilet paper named the best by Consumer Reports, WalMart faces an expose in the New York Times this weekend that is a stunning blow to any reputation they might have earned for being a corporate good citizen. Their slogan, "Always Low Prices" might better have been "Always Big Bribes" as revelations are now coming to light that the company hushed up a huge investigation of its corporate bribery in Mexico. Rather than investigate, it promoted the wrongdoers and castigated the whistle blower.


One would think that shoplifters might be the main concern for the company, or perhaps employee theft or vendor fraud. Yet these people look honest in comparison to WalMart executives whose embezzlement was covered up, and others who bribed on such a large scale that the company grew rapidly in Mexico, so fast in fact that competing businesses had no chance to keep up. Kickbacks on the bribes to WalMart employees are also alleged.


So, if a juicy corporate scandal intrigues you, or you simply wonder how your favorite store went wrong, check out the NY Times report. It is truly a mind-blower:


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Hey, glutes: gratuitously adding political asides to a thread could get it sent to the Siberia of the Politics forum. You wouldn't do that to my thread, would you?

This scandal has nothing to do with republican or democrat.

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