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I personally believe you should never send a person off your web site to some place else unless it's to links of your own ads on various sites. you could lose a client to someone else. another thing I would sometimes get calls for massage and sometimes would be booked & they would ask if i could refer them too someone? A mistake I made for months. because these same people will not do the same in return. I sent 2 guys a number of clients & never got as much as a thank you. maybe guys in atlanta are just selfish and only about themselves. regardless I stopped doing it. if a client asks if i know anyone else I tell them no.

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Let me clarify a bit, I posted this here because most of the escorts posting here do have good reputations, like say you Mikey. I also would not want to link to some one's site without their permission as they may want to keep it exclusive for whatever reason. And I would never put a link to some one else in an ad.


I am also not really worried too much to losing clients to the other escorts here, we are all fairly geographically disparate and I think for the most part we all hold our own unique appeal. I see a lot of business travelers many of who ask if I know any one on the next leg of their trip. I see little difference in me telling a client headed to Florida or New York to check either of you out and my web site having a direct link to the both of you. They may even appreciate the opportunity to plan ahead without having to wade through the crap on M4RN and RB. There is nothing wrong with promoting each other.


I didn't ask for reciprocation because I know I have not been here long enough to earn any of your trust.


Hi Phil,


I'll be happy to exchange links with you. Do you have a banner? And what is the address of your website?


Sincerely, Anton.


Thanks Anton, I don't but I can create one tomorrow and post it. For now I must sleep, it's 3am!

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This is an interesting idea. I'll admit my first reaction was "no" for the reasons others have given above. I'd hesitate to recommend someone I have not met before, though I do often get asked for referrals and don't know people everywhere to recommend. Also each client is looking for something different, so a referral one finds useful may not appeal to someone else.


Having said that, I'm often asked for referrals. I've met many of the escorts who post here and would gladly recommend them. Though I haven't met you, I like your posts and think we'd probably get along if we met. Or more importantly, that our clients would like each of us.


I think with the various dissatisfaction people have expressed over the escort listing sites, maybe there is an opportunity for something different but I'm not sure what it is exactly. If someone were to contact me through your link, for example, it would tell me a bit about who they are as opposed to a cold-call from one of the listing sites, and ideally this would make the meeting experience better. That's the point of a referral, right? I'm gonna mull this over for a bit, but I think the idea could have some merit.

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You're welcome to use my blog link; girls do it all the time. A list of other ladies' blogs.


That said...as far as the whole thing about referring other competition? Well look what men4rent does. They friggin post 10 pictures of guys surrounding your ad. Or you browse escorts in Kansas, and they are showing guys who don't even have travel plans to the area. Not saying what they are doing is acceptable, but what Phil is talking about doing doesn't even come close.


Rentboy does it as well with all their porn video promotions. However, I don't think it's as harmful as it seems...but at the same time for all the money that rentboy makes, I don't think they need any sponsors to help pay for them to keep rentboy running.

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