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Spoiled by Gaiety Reviews

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So its 4:45 pm monday EST and I am bored and its raining, so I figure its either go see "Seed of Chucky" (the movie, not the escort) or make a trip later this evening to the Gaiety.


I go to the MC and to my horror, there is no review of the dancers. My first thought (of course) is, "I hope no one got sick...maybe its just the weather." Then after waiting a few more minutes, I become filled with righteous anger, "Why the fuck arent these guys posting !!! These selfish pieces of shit !!" But then, sanity settles back in and I think, "Ohhh, maybe they did a private after the show...good for them."

Well, by 5:45pm, I think, "A private doesnt even take an hour...what are these assholes doing ?? Food shopping?? Fuck them, they dont need to eat !!!"


But seriously guys, thanks for all of your great reviews and postings for the Gaiety, et. al. Much appreciated and I will settle for watching the Parkers and taking my little cousin to the "seed of chucky" Its a lot less expensive and a less selfish thing for me to do than go to the Gaiety

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>only thing that sucks is we are coming up to christmas and I

>have yet to do my shopping but want to go to the G. I guess no

>one will be getting gifts from me this year expect a dnacer or

>2. J/K


Your priorities are very wrong. Give everyone gift cards, save your time shopping and wrapping gifts and TREAT YOURSELF to the G! ;)

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Well I said "Fuck Chucky" and went to the Gaiety.


BTW, I didnt screw over my cousin by not going to the movies since it turns out that he was getting laid by this Puerto Rican chick.


I called him on the way home from the Gaiety though, and he asked me if I had good time "at the Gay place." :-)

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