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Montreal in the late fall

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Here’s a weather report and a couple of questions.


I just spent about 7 days in Montreal, split between the weeks before and after Thanksgiving. It was never much below 30º F during the day, but it rarely got above 40º F either. The often brisk wind made warm layered clothing (including a scarf, gloves, and a hat or earmuffs) necessary if I was outside for more than a few minutes.


Mostly it was cloudy or partly cloudy, with a few sunny stretches mixed in. There was light rain a good part of one day, and on another, an all-day mix of rain and snow; the streets were a slushy mess. Without good waterproof boots, I would have been miserable.


This weather was definitely not conducive to walking around and exploring, which is what I tend to do between breakfast and whenever I hit the clubs. (While the city has many cultural attractions, the indoor ones are not in the class of, say, the Met or the Art Institute; having seen the permanent collections/exhibits once, I wasn’t drawn back to them, and there are only a few temporary exhibitions at any one time.)


During nice weather, this is a fascinating city to explore on foot. But when the weather makes you want stay inside, and you’ve done all the usual things, what is there to do during the day? Do any residents or frequent visitors have suggestions?


I once again had unsolicited offers for hotel privates from dancers in several clubs, including some from dancers I had barely spent any time with. Unlike last August, the prices mentioned were quite reasonable, although what was on offer varied greatly from person to person. I wonder whether this was due to lowered patronage this time of year, the end of the month approaching, or some other reason.

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Without naming names, can you give a range of prices for hotel privates you were quoted and at which clubs? Personally, I have not bothered asking recently when I have visited the stripper bars (mostly Campus and Stock) as I found that the prices were way over what was available from local escorts who don't go through the whole bull***t routine of what they will and won't do. If the escorts say "full service" they mean it!


But of course I still enjoy the bar experience and have the dancers for private lap dances. I agree that the afternoons at Campus are best while the evening there tends to have the more hustler type dancers who bug you for lap dances too much.

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