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Stripper bars in london?

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When I was there I found some clubs that had a dancer or two on one night of the week but nothing like we think of as a strip club. You can check the bar rags for the schedules.


Perhaps a Londoner will correct me. There was plenty of eye candy at all the clubs though. Not to mention running into a gaydar.co escort on the tube within an hour of arriving in the UK.


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Hey BigGuy - hope you're doing well...

I was in London in June for 10 days and didn't find any strip clubs per se. There used to be a really nice one a few years back but it's long gone.

The best I found was Saturday nights at Village Soho... they have 3-4 strippers Saturdays at midnight and when I went there a few serious hotties.

Sorry, my friend, nothing like Montreal.

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There sadly aren't any stripper bars in London. 'Though there are a lot of clubs that have go-go dancers. The British guys are just so cute though, so there's plenty of good people-watching just walking through Soho. Enjoy the street markets and mix of 'pubs' in jolly old London.


And there is a great pub that has a very good amateur strip night. It's out to the east of downtown London but easy to get to... just take the Docklands Light Railway (covered by the London Travelcards) out to Limehouse station. Then THE WHITE SWAN or BJ'S - http://www.bjswhiteswan.com - is just a couple of minutes walk at 556 Commercial Road. There's a quiet traditional pub area, then a cabaret space where they have the contest on Wednesdays from 11pm. When I was there, there was a mixed crowd and about six very cute young guys left nothing to the imagination ;-)


London is fantastic this time of year, and there are some mega cheap air fares from the airlines like AA, British Airways and Virgin.


Have a cream tea with those scones and a huge dollop of clotted cream! Yummy!



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