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  1. This has to be the longest running thread on the Message Board. I'm still waiting for Talvin to show up at an area gas station near me checking prices.
  2. Hey Sport, The page number changes each time. Try this: http://rentboy.com/location/getrb.asp?rentboy=8708 And nope sorry no info on him but for the market he is pretty moderately priced. Why not give him a shot? Jeff
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    Nope around here you were right the first time! }( Jeff
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    I don't know the origin of the term but I guess the first time I heard it was Joey using it on an episode of "Friends". But I guess it had to be around a long time beforet that for the writers of the show to have used the expression. Good question. I did like Jerry Seinfelds line when he found out Kramer was sans underpants. "You mean to tell me there is only a thin layer of gabardine between us and..." in horror. Jeff
  5. Here in SW Florida its $1.09 for reg. gas. I believe some of the differential is due to local and state taxes. But that can't be all of the reason. I am pleasantly surprised that a top notch escort like Talvin has time to comparison shop for gas. What can we expect next, running into Talvin at a Tysons Corner Costco or Sam's Club?
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