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San Francisco and the Nob Hill

Guest jamier
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NOB HILL THEATER is fantastic. I checked out their website – http://www.nobhilltheatre.com - before arriving in town and read the reviews on these boards, so expectations were pretty low and I was expecting to see a bunch of dancers looking like escapees from Alcatraz!


No way! ALL of the dancers were cute, friendly and very welcoming. At $30 ($20 before 12 ‘Noon), admission seems steep but allows unlimited re-entry all day. As the dancers tend to repeat after about three hours, there’s no need to arrive before 4pm, and during the evenings, shows are every half hour so there’s more going on.


Staff are all welcoming, chatty and give great advice on other good places to visit in town. One guy working there, sadly not a dancer, was very good looking, and I loved it when he bent down to wipe down the stage between dancers!


Some of the dancers put on a fantastic show on stage. Like Ricky, a gorgeous latin guy, very early 20s with a perfect ass – he did a slow, sexy strip out of his black suit, then an energetic dance before moving into the audience to give amazing lap dances. Then there is Matt, a 21-year-old British boy, beautiful smooth body and huge uncut cock. Spike is also smooth and very young – he came on stage – yeah, he came on stage too – in a doctors costume, soon losing the clothes and coming out to meet the half dozen or so audience members before heading back on stage, putting on shades and proceeding to work on his cock intensely. Tyler is good looking in that ‘bad ass’ kinda’ way – I loved his scruffy hair, lean body and piercings. Robert B is a huge porn star in Hungary and, wow, has a great muscular body, so it’s good news for us that he’s currently a regular at the Nob Hill. Michael Brandon was the special headliner for the week and, although he’s not as cute as my favorite dancer Matt, Michael puts on a good show with his huge cock which they sell replicas of at Nob Hill... but here was my chance to see the real thing! Leonardo was another cute latin guy with a J-Lo ass who did a very sexy strip shaking that booty! And the finale that evening was Randy, California-boy looks and a great muscular body – very cute, and only three of us in the theater by now so some incredible lap-dance action!


After their show on stage, each dancer gives a shower show so that patrons can watch from glass windows in the private booths. A $5 tip ensures plenty of attention through the glass – this has got to be the safest safe sex!


What I also like about Nob Hill is that the dancers get to keep all the tips (but don’t get paid anything by the club). I think the club takes something like a $10 key charge from the private dances – a good opportunity to have that special dance with your favorite dancer!


Whilst in San Francisco the CASTRO STREET FAIR was on - http://www.castrostreetfair.org - a lot of fun, and the Castro is an amazing neighborhood. Favorite eating spot is METRO CITY BAR and TAPEO, a new tapas bar adjoining, both packed with friendly locals, and clearly the place to be seen. A more cruisy feel at DETOUR which kinda’ looks cool and funky on the outside but is actually dive-y and cruisy on the inside.


There is another theater with live dancers in San Francisco… the TEAROOM THEATER has three or four dancers scheduled a day. Admission is $10, but locals say the dancers are usually awful and they recommend to stay away!


If you’re going to San Fran, the three day ‘passport’ for the buses, subway, street cars and cable cars, is good value at $15. Alcatraz is intriguing, Haight Street cool with the outrageous shops and colorful buildings, Golden Gate Park great for a walkabout, and Fishermans Wharf is great too but full of tourists. OMG I’ve never walked up and down so many hills in my life but, at the top of each, there are great views down towards the bay and over the town, especially from the Coit Tower.



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I too appreciate the update on Nob Hill. I'm planning a vacation to SF soon and it's good to have this information.


I do have one question ... what day of the week were you at Nob? It seems like it might have been a weekday based on the number of customers you noted.


RT :)

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>NOB HILL THEATER is fantastic. I checked out their website –

>http://www.nobhilltheatre.com - before arriving in town and read the

>reviews on these boards, so expectations were pretty low and I

>was expecting to see a bunch of dancers looking like escapees

>from Alcatraz!


Really??? How OLD were the escapees that you were expecting the dancers to look like as the prison closed on 03/21/63????? :o

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Guest JohnPela

Thanks for the Nob Hill Theatre update. It sounds like the theatre is back on track and as fun a place as I remember attending for 3 days/nights during Haloween 2002 weekend.


Great looking, sexy stripper dancers, fun watching them shower and being able to go back and forth there with just one admission fee. Good privates in my hotel room around the corner- Hotel Allison (being or was renovated recently?). Add great sightseeing, Chinatown shopping and food, contemporary art museum, other great choice of restaurants, bars and seeing some excellent stage plays (saw world premier sequel to Boys In the Band play) and you have a great combination.


Thank you again for posting this thread! It really brought back some very pleasant fun memories. I hope my upcoming Haloween trip to Chicago will match or come close that that Nob Hill/SF trip.

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