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Does such a thing exist? I've only been to the Gaiety 3 times but I would probably go more often if I knew who was dancing before going. Also, it would be great if they had photos of who was dancing too. Does anyone know if this exists?


Also, does the lineup change from show to show or is it set for the week, with the addition of extra dancers on Saturday night? Just curious.



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The week's lineup is posted every Monday thanks to early reporting from likembig with some follow up reviews from Cooper and yours truly.

Things have been known to change during the week but usually Monday's lineup stays pretty much the same during the week. That's when it's nice when others will add to the thread keeping us informed of any changes.

Friday night's show brings in more additions to the show so it's nice when someone posts those also.


As to an "official web site" produced by the theater...forget about it.

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I've been trying to tell Denise to do a one page website for months.

For information and directions and list the dancers of the week.


I even did a mock up site, but she shows no interest.


I told her I would even take care of it for her. She had to do nothing.




I tried!!! ;)

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Hello woop4me2,


Though your attempt was both appreciated by many and gallant there is no use in discussing this with Denise for many reasons.


She is a business woman out of time and she holds true to her traditions. "If it isn't broke then why fix it". Since the Gaiety makes a great deal of money there is no need for a website (as she sees it). In addition, she has very good relationships with various city officials that respect her and allow her to run an all male, nude establishment. She knows damn well what most of the conversations are about in the lounge between patrons and dancers .... and why they leave together. Therefore, she doesn't want or need any publicity. And the city officials that do know about the conversations leave her alone.


A website would not profit or help her. The only people who would benefit from a website would be us. I don't want to sound harsh but she doesn't care about our convenience. We have seats, lights, bathrooms, snacks and nude men. She owns the soda machine, buys the soda herself and makes money off of that as well.


She is aware of muscle service, this site, etc. She has Internet access in her booth and in the office next to the Gaiety. DJs, dancers and some patrons show her these things. Though she doesn't like this publicity there isn't anything she can do about it.


She runs ads in HX (and the village voice?) and that is about it. The Gaiety isn't hurting for money. She won't change. We won't either! I have heard about potential boycotts in the past over some things. PLEASE! No one will stop going because there is no website, no Ben, no chips, no ladies night, etc. Men, gay or straight, are pigs and we want our naked men (or women). She has them.


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LOL! Why should she hire someone to create a web site for the Gaiety Theatre and pay all the costs of creating and maintaining that web site, when she can get it from HB's site free of charge?


If she contributes money to keep Hooville up and running, then that is fine, and if not, then she should, as she gets a lot of business from this forum.

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>There is a Yahoo Group for the Gaiety which I

>run anyone who is 18 and over may join its free.





And we all need to remember that when there was a message center Chernobyl sometime ago Jay's group was our main source of info. It is still a great group with many great pics. Thanks Jay!!!!!

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Not a dime has been received from the Gaiety or any other strip club. NYO never received any gratuity or remuneration despite his dedication and many years of fair reviews. When I accompanied him to the club on a couple of occasions I recall I bought him a cheap dinner.


Same goes for our Moderator, Cooper and all the contributors in this forum. It is a volunteer effort, not to make the clubs money but to have an exchange of opinions about the Gaiety and clubs other gay oriented strip clubs around the world. If the clubs benefit from positive remarks, I do not care. The opposite can also happen. (See Fing Fang Foom's review of the Gaiety.)


Bottom line, I pay rack rate when I go into the place. This website gets zero revenue from the Gaiety and any other strip club in the world.

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