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Hooboy Field Trip--Atlanta--Swinging Richards

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Hey guys!


Sorry about the short notice but if anyone is in the Atlanta area and wants to go out to Swinging Richards tomorrow night (thats Friday for the calendar challenged) drop me a line here with your number and best time to call.


I will be going no matter what, but it is always fun to go with a friend. After if anyone is still up for it, I'm game on trying any club you might want to check out.}(


Like all good field trips we will have to write up a FULL report for posting here in the Strip Club Forum. And no cheating looking on anyone else's paper.



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Sorry about the delay on posting my homework guys. Frances and now Ivan are making it a little busy here in S. Florida.


I had the great pleasure to meet Greg from the board at Swinging Richards Friday night Labor Day weekend. I dont think he posts much but I hope he breaks his habit and fills in some of the gaps of my report. For the record Greg is a good looking guy with a great smile and I think most of the dancers like coming over to chat with him.


As always SR is a comfortable friendly place to visit. There was a $10 cover and the drinks are pretty expensive. Fortunately the guys are hot and friendly. Most of the stuff in the review section and the soon to be world famous Strip Club FAQ is pretty accurate. So I will just add some details about some of the guys who made a "big" impression.


Samson-an absolute killer fitness magazine body with a cute face and amazing blue eyes. Great southern accent and a very charming gay friendly guy. He has appeared in an episode of "Elimadate" and was WAAAY to hot for the skanks they matched him up with. He has an average cock but only in comparison to how amazing everything else was about him.


Mason- a very hot black guy with a muscle build. He seemed to spend a lot of time with the woman in the crowd so didn't get a chance to chat with him.


Scott- a skater looking guy. Dark hair and tall. Good looking guy but you wonder why he is a dancer until he drops trou. And then you see his massive cock. Easily the biggest guy of the night. I would assume he could satisfy any size queen in the audience.


Dean-another blue eyed charmer who was wearing glasses that helped get a "Dean Cain-Superman" sort of vibe going. Great tan body with amazing traps, lats and abs. We tried to talk him into doing a full on Superboy dance routine. I believe he only appears on weekends as he lives in Florida during the week. Very friendly.


Maximus-A very sexy Italian/PuertoRican/Greek mix man. Probably the sexiest on stage as he bent the rules of SR and stroked his cock and licked the fluid from the head of his rod. Turns out he knows my companion and they really hit it off. I believe he has an ad on Rentboy in Atlanta. There is a pic but he is now packing about 10-15 lbs more muscle and is more tan. Damn sexy.


At this point there are about a half dozen other guys that I have forgotten their names. But covered a broad range of types and tastes. From a Blue Lagoon Chris Atkins looking guy (wore a firemans outfit at midnight) to a tall muscle guy almost as perfect as Samson to a couple of hairy guys to a very Euro looking Italian runway model looking guy.


So on to the guys I took to the backroom.


Dylan- a blond twink that proudly plays on our team. Nice cock and great ass. He wore a jock and a wrestling singlet. He gave a great lapdance. I don't know if he does shows away from the club but if he does he would no doubt be the most interactive of all the guys I met.


Enrique- a sexy Latin guy in his early 20's. Almost a twink but too much muscle to fit the stereotype. Great smile and very pleasant lapdance. He does a nice trick flexing his legs that makes his balls roll around his cock. Biggest problem is you will want to suck on them and that will get you thrown out so resist the temptation!


Marcus- a lean high energy tatooed and multiple pierced guy. Was great on stage and in the backroom. Has a nice Prince Albert that is fun to feel in your hand. Very friendly and he was almost apologetic when he admitted to being straight. He almost seemed regretful that he wasn't wired for more. So as you can see some refreshing honesty. We shared a lot of same tastes in music and books and was a blast to talk to as well as feel up.


There were a few groups of woman there who were mostly well behaved. And there were quite a few hot men in the audience as well. One group of young gay guys were a little "overserved" and one of them ended up falling in my lap a couple of times. After the first time I warned I would take advantage of him if he did it again. So I was ready the next time and he seemed to enjoy it!:+


Thanks Greg for being a great host. And I hope some of the other Atlanta guys will post some of their experiences as well.



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