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The posse at today's 1:30 show:


1) Johnny (aka Johanny)

2) TJ

3) Michael

4) Drakko, new

5) Raphael (Hungarian)

6) Max

7) Danik


If you like your men BIG, this is your type of lineup. As for twink lovers, you can either take in a B'way show or head North to Taboo... Just to give you an idea of how muscular this lineup is, Max would be considered one of the smaller guys.


JOHNNY: The Italian/Latino with a big teethy smile. He has short dark hair and eyes, dark complexion, and a lean muscular build with solid thighs. His stage show was a lot slower than usual, but his tongue and lip action were at high speed. :-) He appears to be having fun on stage and was a good opening act.


MICHAEL: a vgl 19yo. and popular G-dancer who's sporting a new look. He has dark hair/eyes, a solid swimmers build with very broad shoulders, and a look good enough for the USA Olympic swim team. Foxy described MICHAEL's build as being "perfect". Second song he enters rock hard and pointing skyward, and yes SHY, he has an amazing "bubble butt" with that hairy crack.


RAPHAEL: he's returning to the G after a 3 year hiatus. He's originally from Hungary... He has dark hair/eyes, masculine good looks, and a muscular/beefy type build. He's a fast and entertaining dancer with great eye contact and attention given to the stage side patrons. Second song he came out with a semi-hard uncut cock and some hefty looking balls.


DANIK: a popular G-dancer with good looks and a beefy build. He has short dark hair, blue eyes, and light facial hair. His stage show is mostly pacing, stroking, and posing...Second song, he enters with his very erect 10+" uncut cock :9 which he gives a lot of stroking action. He's also has a nice set of balls. He can be contacted at 917-806-1202, he said it's "ok".


A good lineup if you like your men BIG.


Foxy will provide us with another fabulous review on: the classy TJ, the smooth dancing DRAKKO, and the hot Latino MAX.

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Cooper Thanks for the Lineup I have not been to the gaiety in a while and do hope to get to the show sometime this week or next week

befor I go back to Montreal for the Labor day weekend. For those who are interested feel free to join my Free yahoo group GAIETY NYC





Also see my new group on the famous strip club Taboos called TABOOS MONTREAL



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This was quite a show I thought. One of the best lineups this summer. I look forward to hearing what others have to say. Meanwhile...


TJ: What becomes a legend most? Somebody buy this guy a Blackglamma. It must be almost 8 years now that TJ has graced the Gaiety stage. In all that time I think he's aged about 15 minutes. Whatever fountain of youth this guy is drinking from I sure wish he'd share it with the rest of us. His stunning looks are the personification of tall, dark and handsome. One of the all-time Gaiety gods, his perfect body, gorgeous face and substantial cock plus his warm and friendly personality, makes you realize they don't get any better than this. All the times I've seen him perform I've never seen him looking bored or unhappy to be up on the stage. He's charming and gracious to everyone who tips him and interacts with the audience with such humor and enthusiasm. He has real star quality.


DRAKKO: Thanks to dj Kenny for discovering this guy dancing at Splash. One of the best dancers I've seen in years. He deserves his own theater on Broadway. With a perfect T-shaped build of cut and defined muscle he moves with excitement and grace. I could watch this guy for hours. He has a very cute face that's very expressive and he's very interactive with the audience. He dances like he's having the best time up there. He could easily hold his own in any Broadway show and I can easily imagine him having a serious career on the stage. So run and go see him now while you still have the chance. He wasn't hard for today's second number but he sure made up for it showing off that perfect butt. I loved this guy!


MAX: Hard to believe this well muscled guy with beautiful defined pecs was possibly today's smallest dancer. Hardly a twink though. He's a dark haired, very good looking guy with a somewhat exotic look and a swimmers build that deserves a gold. Also a good dancer he gets a gold medal for the rock hard boner that never wilted during the entire time he was on stage. He has a very cute smile and he seemed to be having a good time during his entire routine. I know I was enjoying myself.

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I was with every one of them yesterday and they were all wonderfully interactive and didn't charge me a dime. After that I discovered a cure for all diseases, declared world peace and fed all the starving children in the world. What a fun day!

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I saw Drakko on Sat, he was really amazing, a little nervous at the beginning, but soon dance like a dancer in the musical. I think Sat was his first time, so he was really nervous, but really friendly and smile all the time. I haven't gone to Gaiety for a while, but after reading such a strong response about how good the show last weekend was, I decide to go, and it was really fun sitting with Ira and Harry, these two guys are always there on Saturday, sitting right in the front. Always tipping dancer and making some funny noise when dancers turn around and show them their butt. The guy who someone else was talking aobut giving huge tips was there also. He gave a dancer almost $800 dollars. It was pretty amazing to see, but I think most of the dancers are use to it by the second day, so they still flirt with everyone.

Johnny is really a cutie, he got the most attention from all the ring side gentleman.


Gaiety is such a fun place, and it gets better once you get to know some regulars who goes there all the time. They will share a lot of fun history about Gaiety with you. So don't be shy, say hello to the guy sitting next to you. You will have a much funnier time.


I think I saw Foxy and Cooper once, but I wasn't sure it was them, hopefully I will see the famous Cooper and Foxy sometimes.


And by the way, Neo, the DJ is really amazingly hot, but his dance is just too boring for my taste. I wish they will make some effort like GQ did. (kind of like Chippendale dancers)


glad my password finally work so I can put down some thoughts about the place.



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Cooper and I are always at the 1:30pm show on Mondays to do our reporting on the new lineup. We look forward to meeting and talking to any of the people attending the show and like getting their opinions. We are sometimes surprised that not everyone is as friendly as we'd like which mystifies us. We always like making new friends. So if you see us (we aren't too hard to spot since we're always chatting up the dancers in the lounge before the show starts) stop by and say hello. We don't bite! We save that for the dancers.

Also, please contribute your own review. It makes it so much more fun to read. Don't make us do all the work (if you can call it that).

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Saw the show on Tuesday and agree with the previous posts about it being a nice one.


Michael does look better than ever with his new shorter haircut. Drakko is indeed an amazing dancer. Had to leave before Danik but I'm sure he was an impressive as ever. Maybe it was me but the group seemed really young. The young and handsome TJ looked like an older brother to this crop.


My first request on this board but I have to ask. Anyone have info on Johnny's private shows?

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>I would bet its not Neo.....

>It must be a Canadian..... Sebastian ? Nicholas ?


How did you guess the most interactive dancer is definitely not KNEE-O?


Hey Cooper, I did not mention KNEE-O's name as I promised you! :+


I truely feel that (to be announced after I converse with this dancer) would win the Tony Tender award for being the most interactive dancer in a private.


But there again, everyone has their own "interactive" stimulation style. Stimulations can range from "vanilla" (body worship) to "ropes and chains" (with nipple clamps of course) :7 :o

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>But there again, everyone has their own "interactive"

>stimulation style. Stimulations can range from "vanilla" (body

>worship) to "ropes and chains" (with nipple clamps of course)

>:7 :o


I did a private with a Canadian dancer named Louie. He was very interactive and seemed to enjoy giving oral as well as receiving it. He could be either a top or bottom, depending on your desires and was a fine kisser. Had a good time but don't know what's become of him. Anyone hear anything?

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Danik has a cock that makes me want to bury my head in his groin, get those legs over my shoulder, grip them muscular thighs and try to see what nasty french words I can get him to say.


He's plucking his eyebrows too much though.


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My favorite interactive dancer is definitely TJ.

Won't discuss the detail since I do not know if he interacts the same way for all. I like to think it's only with me though.

I cum in 30 seconds if he is in the same room....cum in 10 seconds when he interacts!


Another very passionite interactive dancer in a private is Mickey or Mick from Montreal. Not Miguel/Mike but Mick. (I think that's his name) I have not seen him at the G lately but I had an encounter with him in Montreal a week ago.

Body to body contact with this guy is surreal.


A yum yum eat'em up and lick'em ass (hole) :9 (compliment) is Sebastian from Canada. I just want to stay in the same lick position for hours on end. This guy has a way which draws you back to him for repeat performances. Must be the cologne he wears. :p

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"I truly feel that (to be announced after I converse with this dancer) would win the Tony Tender award for being the most interactive dancer in a private."


...and the Tony Tender Award for Best Dancer in an Interactive Private goes to _____.


Hey TT, don't keep us waiting.


Pierce: the last I heard about Louie is that he's living on the West coast and being well cared for. Ditto on his great private show.


Mercury: I guess you can get "giardia" from either eating/drinking contaminated food/water or chowing down on ass.:-(


It's nice to see so many new members posting their 1st message on this thread. I hope you'll continue to contribute.

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RE: Weekend Lineup


Friday's lineup, 6:15pm


















At the 9:15 show


TOMMY, replaced PAOLO


Schedule for next week:






ROD BARRY, featured dancer/erotic video star


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RE: Weekend Lineup



>Schedule for next week:






>ROD BARRY, featured dancer/erotic video star




But when Dubya comes out for his second number, he'll have NOTHING to show--nothing good, anyway--not even soft. Still, things ought to pick up at the marathon finale. I understand Kenny is turning the DJ booth over to John Ashcroft, who'll go on mike to sing his current hit, "Let the eagle soar."

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