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Finding Escorts at the Gaiety

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I live in NYC, and hire escorts occasionally. Up to now, I've used the Hooboy reviews coupled with checking out photos on Rentboy to make my choices, and I've had good success with finding honest, attractive guys that fit my desires.

This past weekend I attended a show at the Gaiety Theatre, and have been thinking about hiring guys whose contact info I took there. I'd like to know if list members who've hired "dancers" from the Gaiety have had positive or negative experiences. I'm a little hesitant only because the guys seem more unknown quantities than those reviewed regularly on this site. To be direct about it, I want to know:

1. Are the Gaiety guys trustworthy (i.e. not dangerous street type hustlers)?

2. Are they gay or bi or at least straight guys with good attitudes toward gay sex? (not disdainful of the queers who hire them)

3. Are they up front about what they do and what they charge? (as opposed to leading you on then switching their story).

I'd like to hear experiences good and bad, with names, recommendations, and warnings when possible.

Thanks, guys.

P.S. I did call one guy whose card I had taken from the Gaiety several months ago, but he wanted $300, and I refuse to pay that. Plenty of good escorts out there for $200-250.

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I visited the Gaiety last December and was very attracted to one of the dancers. I ended up hiring him at the end of the evening for $200. He came back to my hotel, took a shower, and then joined me in bed for the next 90 minutes. It was fantastic!!


The next night I showed up again at the Gaiety and told him I'd like to hire him again after the last set. I made sure he had my hotel info, including phone number, and then I left. He called me to confirm the time of his last set and gave me an ETA. He showed up on time, took a shower, and then got down to business. Again, it was a great experience.


I attribute this success to a couple of things.


1. I was very specific, in the Gaiety lounge area, about my expectations. I said something like, "I want you to do _______, _______, and ______. I want to do _________, and _______ to you. I'm willing to pay $200."


2. On the evening of the first visit, I did NOT leave the Gaiety and tipped the escort generously. I then made sure we went back to my hotel together.


3. On the second evening, I stayed through the end of the first set and, again, was a generous tipper.


Let's be blunt and honest about Gaiety dancers. They do NOT make enough money in tips to pay their daily hotel bill in NYC. Doing "privates" is where they make their money and I think it is a necessity for the guys. I honestly don't know (and don't care) if they are gay, straight, or bisexual. As long as they meet my expectations it's OK.


I do have a couple of suggestions when hiring a Gaiety dancer.


1. Be very specific about your expectations when making arrangements in the lounge.


2. Do NOT hire the dancer for a "quicky" in between sets. They've made a commitment to the Gaiety to dance sets. You won't have their full attention if they watching the clock to make the next set.


3. Take them to your hotel. Some dancers share rooms with other dancers and you may not have total privacy in their room.


I started going to the Gaiety back when you could get a quick blow-job behind screen. Times have changed and no sex is allowed on-site. But there are still some great guys that dance there and are available for extra-curricular activities. ;-)

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Ah, the good old days at the G. The smell of marijuana wafting in the air. Backstage visits on the other end of the shoehorse. Joey Stephano. That darn cat! Coffee. Many a heart broken.

My advice as to the boys now: avoid the quickie at their hotelroom. If on the weekend your dancer has a good numerical position you would have a 2 hour window. Last week I invited Vito(Tony Micelli) to my apartment in the city. Your'e in your own space, and consequently feel more comfortable. Only a few of the dancers live in the metropolitan area, but if the one you like does, get a phone number and set up a date.:-) ;-) :D :7

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Pierrot, you've raised some good questions about hiring from the G and seeking information on the dancers. OneFinger has given you some good advice. However, I think you're looking for reviews on the G-men's private show. I agree, not much is written on this board or in the escort reviews.


One big advantage in hiring at the G is that before deciding to hook-up with a dancer, you can meet him, talk with him, watch his show, and decide if he's your type. Also, you know where this guy works just in case he's not "trustworthy". The management will listen to your complaints... As for their sexual orientation, most say they are "straight" and perhaps this does reflect in their enthusiasm/interaction during a private session.


Before you leave the G with a dancer, you should have finalized their fee. I learned a whole new meaning to the word "sliding scale" when I first started to see dancers privately, but quickly learned the importance of asking all questions in the lounge.


Now, to your question regarding reviews on dancers. No one is obligated to write a review, it would help, but it rarely happens. The "regulars" here prefer not to discuss details of a "private show" on this forum. We've heard of too much NYPD activity taking place in the Times Square area and don't want to bring attention to these guys or ourselves. The G has had it's problems and we don't want to add to them. So, with that said, please feel free to "inbox" any regular with your questions. If that regular is familiar with your board name and has "private" information, hopefully, they will pass on some advice that can help in making your decision. Good luck!

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>Ah, the good old days at the G. The smell of marijuana

>wafting in the air. Backstage visits on the other end of the

>shoehorse. Joey Stephano. That darn cat! Coffee. Many a heart



Finally, someone who remembers all this! Oh....it takes me back to a totally different NYC. Fond memories. And yes, Joey Stephano. Wow!

At least the cat is still there, at least it must be a distant relative of the one we remember.

Back then, right around the corner from the G was "Cats" bar. Does anyone remember that?

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