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And some details...


DAVE ANGELO: Stock dancer and now Colt porn star, Dave has been dancing at the Gaiety for 7 years but is still holding up pretty well. Famous for his large tattoo of angel wings on his back, I prefer looking at that perfect butt which he seems to enjoy showing off in many different ways. The front half of Dave is good too with a nicely developed chest and arms and a good looking uncut dick that stands up for most his his second number. He still likes tasting his precum for his adoring fans. Dave knows how to please an audience and gives lots of smiles and thanks to the ringside patrons for their tips.


JOEL: Pronounced "Joe-El" by the DJ. New to the Gaiety stage this lean yet muscular dancer came out in a black see-through tank top that looked like something he picked up at "Victoria's Secrets". I was glad when he got rid of it. He's a good looking guy with short dark hair and completely shaved from the neck down. Just about everyone in the show this week goes hairless, so if you like that sort of thing, you'll be happy. Joel is also very generous showing off his cute butt so try to get a good seat if proctology is a profession that holds an interest for you.


CAMERON: It's a new Cameron! Gone is the spiky hair, he's sporting a close cropped military look. Tres butch! He still has that cherub face however so you won't get scared. This Stock Bar dancer has a medium muscular build and pale milky white skin. He puts on a somewhat aloof show. I always have the feeling that he's making up a shopping list for the supermarket in his head while dancing. Still, he's nice to look at and has another very cute butt to admire.

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More on this week's Canadian lineup...


SONNY: a newbie to the Gaiety but not new to dancing. He's a good looking "muscular twink" on the short side and has spiked blond highlighted hair... He enters wearing a jeans vest and pants. The vest is quickly removed revealing a tight defined chest with Hershey's shaped kisses for nipples and several Oriental style tattoos. He has muscular arms, a smooth body and, like most of this week's dancers, has shaved pubs. Sonny likes jewelery, he wears several rings, a dog tag chain, and a pierced navel ring. He's a youthful looking lively dancer with a big cock and a cute bubble butt... Several of this week's new dancers don't make good eye-contact with the patrons, and pick up those tips without saying "thanks" or even looking at you.


We know him as MICHAEL, but he was introduced a Mikel. :-) He's a regular at the G and has a review on this site. You might remembered him as the dancer who makes that sour looking grin while on stage. He has dark hair, good youthful looks, a swimmers type build w/broad muscular shoulders and muscular arms. He has a well defined chest with a pierced nip and a tattoo on his back. He's a good dancer with lots of upper body moves and twists. His 2nd number is slow, as he enters with a rock hard cock (without the support of a cock ring), shaved pubs, and a delicious looking bubble butt.


NICK of the Stock, aka "Nick the Dick", yes, he certainly has earned that title... Nick made his debut at the G today, and put on a fine show. He's 18yo, with short dark hair, a slender medium build, youthful good looks, and a naturally smooth body w/a happy trail. Nick is a lively dancer, he did some erotic stage fucking moves along with a few entertaining jumps and flips. He appeared to be enjoying himself and should be doing a lot more acrobatic moves as he becomes more relaxed on the G-stage... Second number, you could hear a "WOW!" from the patrons as he enters with this big fat succulent uncut cock with amazing low hanging balls. Very impressive, esp. when he begins to self-suck it and pound away. WOW!


SAMMY: another newbie to the G. He has a dark complexion, dark curley hair/dark seductive eyes, and is on the short and slender side. He has a tight build and puts on an average show. He's a cute youthful looking dancer and should do better on stage as the week progresses. I caught two of Sammy's shows. During the 1st he used a rubber-band to tightly tie-up his cock and balls, that made them look very small. During his break, he purchased a cock-ring, and for the 2nd show things looked somewhat better. Sammy, like all the others I've reviewed, has shaved his pubic area.


Lots of new faces in this lineup and not much big muscle. Dave is the biggest in the lineup, followed by Cameron and Mikel.


Any comments, reviews, or questions, just post... My favorite was NICK "the DICK". He's easy to talk with and sounds like a lot of fun. I have a feeling he's going to have a banner week. :+

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Any G-reviews from the 10:30pm show attended by the Hooville party? I know some of you must be up by now, so please share what it was like watching the show with some of the hottest looking Campus Escorts in town. :9 I bet they got more attention than some of the G-dancers.


Also, in attendance at the 3:30pm show was board member CEO from Chicago. After all the tipping I saw him doing, I hope he had enough $$$'s for his "evening entertainent". :-) Good seeing the show with you and I think going to "Therapy" after the show really helped!

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>Any G-reviews from the 10:30pm show attended by the Hooville

>party? I know some of you must be up by now, so please share

>what it was like watching the show with some of the hottest

>looking Campus Escorts in town. :9 I bet they got more

>attention than some of the G-dancers.



GReat show, Cooper. David from MOntreal actually knew some of the dancers, so that was fun. ALL of the boys wanted to get to "know" Nick and his Dick a little better!!!!! So lots of dollars were hurled onto the stage over and over again. Travis actually loved all the muscle in the show... so shows me that I will need to go work out a little more if I expect him to marry me! :+


Overall it was a really fun evening... and hope to do it again someday soon.

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Winter came back to the Big Apple today but blew in a whole bunch of Gaiety twinks for your enjoyment. Lots of new boys too and everyone was from up north. Guess they came here to warm up so make sure they aren't left out in the cold.


The lineup is:


1. Sonny

2. Dave Angelo

3. Miguel

4. Joel

5. Nick

6. Cameron

7. Sammy


Cooper and I will add details later after we've recovered from our first official Hooville NY meeting.

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Well, I'm back home now. It was nice seeing you and Foxy again. And yes, our little session at "Therapy" got me ready for what was to come later in the evening. Your companion for the evening veeeery nice. I hope things heated up later. Too bad I had to miss the NY Hooville meeting, but from what I read, you guys had a great time!!

You and Foxy always make us "out of towners" feel so welcome. And yes, I did send an email to KY Top telling him to get his butt back to New York.

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Guest Tampa Yankee

We lucked out catching this weeks show IMO. I knew Nick from Montreal and knew everyone was in for a BIG treat!! :9 The young guys went crazy with slack jaws dropping to the floor. Nick never looked better or bigger. :9 My other two favs were Sonny and Joel.


Sonny was very hot and I'm not into blonds...lol. There is always an exception to prove the rule. Great face, chisled chest and arms but not too beefy, major man equipment all nice and veiny, and an exquisite ass to die for. Too bad he's likely straight as an arrow. ;(


Joel: cute but not quite the hottie that Sonny is. Nevertheless more than enough to capture my interest and next to Nick, the best show of the night for me. I love how he works that ass... gave me hope that he might be real fun... lol.


Also got a kick of out seeing Michael/Miguel. I've seen his pics around for quite a while. Nice to see the real thing. Oh, and he had a real nice thing too. :p


For me the show was over after Nick... I just sort of drifted into the lounge until they closed down and threw us out. :D

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Gaiety 3/10


Funny how sometimes a coincidence of events can color one's experience of something. Case in point....someone in the audience passed gas (or had atrocious hygeine and stood downwind) when Cameron came out to do his second song and I was completely unable to find Cameron attractive despite his having ditched the gum chewing and the new buzz cut.


Sad really.



SONNY: I can only imagine how much more of a boner he could have given me if he ditched the highlights. Very boyish but pretty manly for the lineup this week. The "hersey kiss shaped" nipple description is spot on. They are the kind you see puckering thru a thin tshirt and wish you could see under the shirt...only here you get that and more.


DAVE ANGELO: He of the angel wings and devils grin. Dave was also one of the stars of the porno playing btw shows. It was like watching a trailer and then the main attraction, it sparked some anticipation. Dave's female Asian fan contingent was out in full force (okay 4 of them) with a couple front and center with light up alien antennae adorning their heads in tribute ( I think the security didnt know what to make of them...ask them to take it off or?...) They celebrated Dave's Birthday and left a gift bag as a tip. Gotta love em. Dave;s show? The usual...hot body, mature man, cum dripping cock. Anyone for a sample?


MIKEL: The thing I remember most is that his photos looked slightly better than he did but I would still not kick him out of bed. Hmm. Sour face seconded...its like he smells something bad or he's really smug. Eh, he is probably entitled.


JOEL: The DJ must have a grudge here to make the boy struggle thru music and dance steps when clearly that is not his strength. He would do better to crib from Austin's show and make like a runway model and pace...with occasional self groping...and then back to pacing. Cute guy, nose piercing that I actually liked...teeny tiny. Better second song. If he had a couple of shots of tequila in him, he'd be much smoother. I'm buying.


NICK: Yes it is that big and long and thick. He just made my "Dream Gaiety Lineup" and he never even made eye contact. Not much of a self suck as a self tease but it would be easy enough for him to go all the way. Early on he rubs his cock on his own nipple...so like I said...it IS that big. Acrobatic without being obnoxious. Dances way better than he would ever need to. Bless him. Has a couple of movements that screamed "I eat phenomenal pussy" though. :-(


CAMERON: Still sexy despite the opening anecdote. Newly shorn he looks a bit like Mr Sark on Alias in the current Season (3). No overdone gum chewing this night either. But alas ruined by the timing of another...seriously...I was thinking .."Did he not clean his ass today" (I'm sure he did....I looked)


SAMMY: Nice tree trunk thighs on this one. His dick does seem a bit pained in the second song with his balls seemingly merging into a single unit....unless he only has one ball....not that there is anything wrong with that.


Who stole all the pubes this week? Oh yeah...that would be DAVE.

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For all youGaietyfans here are a few of my dancer yahoo site which are FREE to join.





























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RE: Gaiety 3/10


>Dave's female Asian fan contingent

>was out in full force (okay 4 of them) with a couple front and

>center with light up alien antennae adorning their heads in

>tribute ( I think the security didnt know what to make of

>them...ask them to take it off or?...) They celebrated Dave's

>Birthday and left a gift bag as a tip. Gotta love em. >


As it happens, there were TWO different and unrelated groups of Asian gals at Wednesday night's show--a couple of trannies (who later, and unsuccessfully, tried to cop freebies from some of the guys!) and the two straight gals at ringside described above. Those two are not just fans of Dave's but good friends of his (and of Nick & a few others as well), and they were at the Gaiety to cheer their guys on. And yes, they were wearing those Quebecois 'alien antennae' as an in-joke show of further solidarity--since they have dual US/Canadian citizenship and spend lots of time in Montreal, where they often hang out at Stock. When at the Gaiety, they always try to sit stage-side, and make a point of tipping ALL the dancers--whose hard work they appreciate far more than some other Gaiety regulars . That's why their birthday gifts to Dave included the customary 'pourboire' too.


BTW, any of you guys who visit Dave in his hotel room this weekend should watch out where you sit. Among the birthday gifts was a whoopee cushion, and D gets a huge kick out of using it on the unsuspecting. . .

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Friday lineup (6:15 show)


1. Sonny

2. Dave Angelo

3. Mikael (Michael)

4. Joel

5. Nick

6. Cameron

7. Sam (Sammy)


8. Mickey

9. Ryan Scott

10. Ken

11. Tino Lopez

12. Ryan


Believe Ryan Scott and Tino Lopez are on for next week. Have heard a few whispers about Mason, Paolo, Roberto also.

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>Believe Ryan Scott and Tino Lopez are on for next week. Have

>heard a few whispers about Mason, Paolo, Roberto also.




May I ask any of the Gaiety regulars... which Ryan Scott is this? There was a VERY cute twinky porn star a couple of years ago named Ryan Scott. Cute face, reddish blond hair parted to the side, very cute space between his two front teeth, and delicious ass that was used very well! He apparently retired from both the porn and escort scene (he lived in SoCal).


If this is the same one... please get contact info (email address, etc). THANKS!

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Updated rumors for week 3/15


Ryan Scott (from Texas, I believe), very short, nice muscular body, gymnastic.

Tino Lopez


Miko Valentine

Stefano (the smaller of the Chicago brothers, very sexy)


Following week:

Javier (the bigger brother)


Derek (who used to be Eric and is often featured in Splash ads)

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For those who are interested, I met up with Nick for a private. It was a mixed bag. Pros: He is, obviously, HUGE and stayed very hard throughout; was also pleasant enough. Cons: Not very interactive and spent much of the time glancing at the TV and flipping through (straight) porn. But then again, HUGE. Won't go back, but glad I tried it once.


(I have posted under this name sporadically since 2001 or so, but had to reregister, so I may come up as a first-time poster).

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