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Happy President's Day! Hope everyone got the day off. It was bright and sunny but very cold in the Big Apple today. I spent a few minutes thinking about Presidents this morning but somehow started thinking about naked guys dancing. At least it wasn't naked Presidents dancing. Hoping there might be some kind of holiday sale going on at the Gaiety (there wasn't) I met up with Cooper for the 1:30pm show.


Here are the boys....


1. Tristan Adonis: Chicago twink who dances at Madrigal's and is the baby brother of muscle god Jason.


2. TJ: Currently residing in NY, muscular, dark haired, gorgeous hunk. His fans are legion.


3. Tod Parker: Muscular Colt porn star from Texas.


4. Alex: Good looking dancer from Motreal with medium muscular build.


5. Shane Rolins: Erotic porn star from San Francisco with slim, muscular build.


6. Tommy: Dark haired Montreal dancer with medium build and a great butt.


7. Dean: Miami dancer with medium muscular build.


Cooper and I will add a few details later.

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To commemorate Presidents' Day, many patrons turned to the Gaiety for their celebration.


TRISTAN ADONIS: If the last name sounds familiar it should. Tristan is Jason's 20yo younger brother. Tristan hails from Chicago and has danced at Madrigals. This is his second time returning to the G stage... Tristan, unlike his porn star and muscular brother, is a good looking youthful twink. He's tall, with a slender tight build and broad shoulders. He has dark slicked down hair with bangs and is an average dancer. He performs expressionless and keeps his mouth open the entire time. Tristan does share one of Jason's better qualities, he has a beautiful bubble butt which he vibrates on stage :9 http://www.rentboy.com/location/getrb.asp?rentboy=10713


SHANE ROLLINS: introduced as "the erotic video star", Shane is from SF and has danced at Nob Hill. For the past year he's been a regular at the G and has entertained us with his amazing dance style. It's full of energy and lightening fast moves. Shane is on the short side, with a shaved head and a tight muscular build. He also displays, on his back, an unusual wild life tattoo. Shane enjoys dancing and, going commando, lets his loose fitting pants drop revealing his cock. Second number is just as erotic. He smoothly slides across the stage on his knees, crawls from patron to patron, and springs his fat cock to attention... Shane danced to a great 1st song named "Vampyre", a not yet released song by our very own dj, Kenny. http://www.shanerollins.com


TOMMY from Montreal. He was introduced as the "very sexy Tommy" and is a G-original. He's not a "dancer" in Montreal and has no pictures on the web. When Tommy first came to the G his English wasn't that good, but speaking with him today, he's much improved. Tommy has dark hair that's spiked in the front. He's good looking, with a medium defined build. Tommy is an average dancer who knows that showing off his big fuzzy butt is a great asset. :9


DEAN: a Latino from Miami. Dean has been MIA for about 1 year, he was introduced to the G by his buddy and G-dancer Felipe. Dean, a youthful looking dancer, enters wearing a black shirt and razor sliced jeans. He has dark hair and a very playful look. He'll win you over with his friendly smile and boyish charm. He has a tight slender build with well defined abs and pecs. He has a lightening bolt style tattoo running down his right arm and a D+ by his upper leg. Entering for his 2nd number, he hides his hard cock behind his hands and teases you with quick peeks. He then goes on to perform a sensual program that includes some crawling, fine dancing, and straddling.


Foxy, just back from his scuba vacation, will fill you in on the "bigger" dancers.


If you'd like to know more about the show or have questions/comments, just ask.


There was an interesting article in USA Today that spoke about arrests of female escorts in Pa. The police claim they obtained their information from a website that reviewed the services of these ladies... Also, has anyone noticed something missing at Stella's? Seems that all the "boys" have gone South, or have found safer waters. :-(... Last night at LaFleur's, the advertised entertainment was drag queen Barbra Herr. The show was to start at 10:30pm, at 11pm, no show, only 2 dancers, and it was time to go... OW on 58th seems to be getting a lot more attention these days. If you haven't been there recently, check it out, but before going, enjoy a delicious meal at the gay owned and operated restaurant Townhouse, also on 58th between 2nd and 3rd Ave.

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A few details...


TJ: He's been dancing at the G for quite a while now (I remember when you could have him for $150) but he still looks terrific. He has a handsome face full of smiles for his many fans. TJ always puts on a great show. He has a muscular, well developed upper body and a pair of legs to die for. He dances with the finesse of someone who knows he's a dreamboat. TJ gives special attention to the ringside patrons (even the strange ones) so try to sit close and tip him well. He deserves your dollars. TJ is a class act from head to toe.


TOD PARKER: Sad to say this muscleman is still mincing about the stage with his lips pursed. He moves like a female stripper and the thong doesn't help butch him up. Tod has a great, very muscular, hairy body. I'm sure he could have a big following if only he would just stand there and flex those muscles instead of trying to dance. Today he did some rather odd head stands. He didn't seem as sweaty as last time. Tod has done a porn film for COLT if you like that sort of thing. I watched most of it on fast forward.


ALEX: This good looking dancer is from Montreal. To me he looks more like a Rolf and I can easily imagine him schussing down the Jungfrau. He has a medium muscular build, a nice pair of pecs with nipples that would be fun to nibble. Alex has a pretty smile that won me over. I'm sorry he shaved off his pubic hair and tied himself up with a black leather cock ring. Still, he was a pleasure to watch on stage.

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Guest Tampa Yankee

>... OW on 58th seems to be

>getting a lot more attention these days.


OW???? Please elaborate for us OOTs


(Out-Of-Towners) :+

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Hi Foxy


I just love your reviews. I don't want to pick on Todd Parker, but

you are SO right about his "dance movements." I saw him the last time he was dancing at The G...and I agree that he would be better off just flexing and posing. Not only was it awkward, but did anyone else notice how fast he picked up the tips from the stage...and started counting it...WHILE still trying to dance? It was kind of funny...check it out!

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Guest Tampa Yankee

Hmmmm... boys with olives -- my kind of place!! Thanks for the info Coop. Saturdays seem particulary well suited for an inaugural visit. :D


So what's up with Stella's? Six feet under without the humor? Did all that hot latino blood fly south for the winter?

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>So what's up with Stella's? Six feet under without the humor?

>Did all that hot latino blood fly south for the winter?


TY: seems that the NYPD has been keeping a close eye on certain activities going down at Stella's. "Big Daddy" sits by the front door and says to the "boys", adios amigos... :-(

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>I was in NYC last year over Valentine's weekend and saw both

>Shane Rollins and Alex from Montreal dance at the Gaiety.

>Alex was a dream Valentine! I only wish TJ had been there

>too! :9


OK "crewman" start rowing! TJ is waiting for you to come ashore. :+ One year without the G is enough penance.

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During my last several visits to Stella's I've also noticed the small number of working boys there. On one occassion there were actually none there at all. Although most of them did not live up to the Gaiety standard, they did make some nice eye candy while having a drink! If anyone knows the scoop on what has happened at Stella's or where the boys went let us know.

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Guest Tampa Yankee

Lassiez Faire or Bust


>TY: seems that the NYPD has been keeping a close eye on

>certain activities going down at Stella's. "Big Daddy" sits by

>the front door and says to the "boys", adios amigos... :-(


Hmmm.... does this mean that Stella will start serving 'High Tea' to make ends meet? Can she attract the 'cucumber sandwich and crumpet with creme fresh' weenies? ;( Will Martha be available to serve or will she be serving elsehwere? :+


I would think that he NYPD would appreciate the civic minded efforts of Stella provding shelter from the weather for all those hot latino boys and for keeping those suspicous looking customers off the street at night. Sort of a 'neighborhood watch' program where the neighborhood is invited in and everybody watches everybody else. It is a statistical fact that crime is lower in neighborhoods where everyone knows everyone else. Where's the down side to that? :p Someone needs to point out the glass-half-full picture to the NYPD not only in terms of crime reduction but also free trade mercantilism. Whoever undertakes this should copy the Bush White House. Crime Reduction and Free Trade are both Republican hot button issues. I'm sure they will get behind this 100% just like did with Family issues.

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Oh I was there in November again over my birthday... for another studded weekend including AJ from California, Vito, Nick the German guy (only there one weekend and prob. will never come back, but GREAT body and kinda looked like a young Ed Harris), Sebastian from Montreal, and one of the runners-up for Mr. Gaiety 2003... can't think of his name. Blond, spikey hair with lighter tips, great body, from Quebec?


Needless to say, there was plenty of fun to be had that weekend! :9

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>Get ready for NIKOLA, the Czech Republic model and G dancer,

>is coming to town! He's quickly becoming a popular regular at

>the G and will be in NYC from 2/26-3/9. His ad has no mention

>of the G dates, but if my guess is right, he'll be dancing up

>a storm on 2/27.






So has anyone hired him from rentboy or off the stage for a private? Does he do full service? Is he a good date??


He sure is hot!

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Friday night lineup:

1. Tristan Adonis

2. TJ

3. Tod Parker

4. Alex

5. Shane Rollins

6. Tommy

7. Dean

8. Giovanni

9. Jarad

10. Roman

11. Martin

12. Max


Comments: A sub-par second half (I'm being generous) following a good first half.

Wish Tristan smiled a bit; he's very good looking, but has little or no stage personality.

Tod Parker not my favorite, but improving; tonight, he had some eye contact and didn't grab his tips. Losing the visor helped too.

Dean, sexy performer, looks much better without his hat on.

NYO Favorites: Tommy, TJ, Dean


Rumors for next week:



Damian (the handsome blonde one)

Michael (Brooklyn)



And starting next weekend:

Nikolai (as reported above)



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Normally I agree with NYO but I just have to disagree with that assessment regarding the second half of Friday's show. Certainly there is nothing here for twink lovers. But I thought it was quite an array of beef though not really a good showman in the bunch.


Giovanni is a giant mass of muscle (though little in the way of definition). Good smile and uses his shoulder-length locks to good effect. I wish he had more than one dance move. Raising his arms and girating his hips got a little old.


Jarad is also very tall but his muscular form seems like it is sculpted from marble. Mass and definition. Not a "handsome" face but certainly a manly one.


Martin, with his shaved head was a another broad chest on display. And a very sweet guy who apparently used to dance at the G about 4 years ago but making a return. Now dances at Campus in Montreal. Nice spattering of tattoos from his army days. Friends with Alex.


Roman, with his blonde cesar cut had another very nice chest. Muscular in the same mold as Martin though not quite as big. One of the few massive guys who could dance.


Max, from Brazil was making his first appearance at the G. Tight defined body with a shaved head and goatee. Had some good moves but clearly nervous. I predict great things when he gets more relaxed. Lives in Jersey.


None had the complete package like TJ of looks, dancing and sexiness but still quite a good second half I thought.


Tod Parker is definitely improving (he's added push ups to his routine and more muscular posing rather than prancing about).


Shane Rollins continues to impress (so many shaved, bald heads in the show tonight -- a look I LOVE). Lightly hairy chest, good moves and the thickest dick in the bunch (though Dean was a close second).


Alex and Tristan did nothing for me but hey different strokes.


My favorite of the night was Tommy. Again, a good, muscular body and I just love the way he moves. He wasn't as good as Wed. but what can you do? He only dances here even though he lives in Montreal and he doesn't get down that often because he's in school so catch him while you can.


It wasn't the most interactive lineup and there were few showmen. Still, if you like looking at nice muscular bodies similar to those frat guys you fantasized about in college, I would recommend the show.

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Both NYObserver and Marco5NY are right...The guys were a fairly good looking bunch, but there wasn't any stellar performers on stage.


Tristan - got in late but saw enough of him to be impressed by what appeared to be a big cock on his lean young body.


TJ - Was and always is a consummate class act.


Todd Parker - I got into his GQ looks, slicked back blond hair, beefy hairy muscular body, but he seems uncomfortably nervous, agitated when he's performing. Wish he'd enjoy himself as much as I enjoyed watching him.


Alex - Blond and buff and very appealing smile. He seems like quite a nice All-American guy...albeit All-Canadian guy.


Shane - He's growing on me...I like watching this very modern man move his body. Not a looker per se, but interesting for his dance technique.


Tommy - poster child of my frat boy fantasy, Tommy, was a pleasure to watch...perhaps the most sensual performance of the night and really great dimples. You just want to take him home and...


Agreed that Giovanni needs to learn a few new dance moves, but I give him credit for looking more muscular than the first time I saw him at the G and I'd love to know what beach he frequents in Florida to get that all-over Coppertone tan...does anyone know by the way if he's available in Florida and whereabouts he's based down there?


Jarad does certainly look to be carved out of something other than flesh...this guy is hard and ripped. I love his massive biceps, shoulders, and full round muscle butt. I think he's got a sexy face as well, but wish he'd smile a bit more on stage...he was definitely working it last night as he stood next to the door to the lounge for quite a while, hope he found what he was looking for...


Roman was a very agile dancer and can work up a sweat pretty easily it seems judging from his performance. He gets points for making the effort which is more than can be said for some of the dancers and his blond looks add to his appeal.

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