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Boardwalk in Fort Lauderdale

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If you want to escape the cold for a bit, get some sun and maybe swimming, and enjoy a great stripper bar in the evening, the Boardwalk here in Fort Lauderdale is at its best. On Friday and Saturday nights there are at least 30 guys dancing, and often that many on other nights as well. Lots of gorgeous twinks, actually moreso than ever right now, and always some muscular guys as well. By law, they must have cock and balls covered, but otherwise they can show all. They do a couple of songs at the front stage, then move to the back stage. Then they wander around the bar looking for tips. The bar is large, pleasant, and very friendly. Tips are $1 , which you tuck into their g-string or briefs. The more $1s you give, the friendlier they are, but they are always friendly. None are pesky these days. There is a separate area, behind a heavy curtain, for lap dances. The mc is usually a drag performer, and they are very good here. Free entry to 9:00 p.m, then $5 cover; drinks are very reasonable, plenty of free, watched parking, easy location at 1800 N. Andrews.


Danciers on Saturday (that I can remember) were:


Ty - college student, twink, firm, toned body, beautiful buns, good

act with bar on stage, very friendly

Brandon - sweet bleached blond twink, affectionate, cuddly, soft

Tommy - only second night, works construction during day, gorgeous,

sweet, fun, intelligent, superb body

Andrew - delectable twink from Uruguay, parents are Polish-Irish, so he looks like typical U.S. frat boy, beautiful skin, round ass, dazzling smile

Romel - little twink with bronzed skin, smoothest ass you will ever

stroke, energizer bunny always dancing, from Mexico

Anthony- from Mexico, sweet, affectionate twink, nice body

Devon - twink gymnast who does backflips on stage, firm ripe body

and ass, blond this week

Pablo - from Peru, handsome twink, slender, well endowed, nice ass,

gives nice lap dance, beautiful hair and eyes

Michael/Cyber - from Cuba, tall charming twink, dances holding a

little towel in front but showing off his first class

derriere in its entirety, cuddly

PJ - charming, ripe young twink who peddles mixed drinks around bar,

college student, baby face, hope he wears his string bikini

Franco - Argentinian, more full bodied, very sensual

Austin - fuller, more mature body

Vince - really tight muscular body, a little short but perfect body,

gives very sensuous, controlled performance

Aaron - slender, handsome Black dancer, very well endowed

Diego - very handsome, comes at 10 p.m. after some other job,

gorgeous, muscular body, perfectly smooth, more mature

Gary - muscular, works out all the time

Daniel - same

A number of other big, muscular guys


Always new dancers as well as many old favorites. There is a gay village in Fort Lauderdale, which is called Wilton Manors. In the center are a couple of very popular and nice bars and restaurants - Chardees for good food and where younger guys come to meet older; the karaoke at 9 on Sundays is great fun. Across the street is Georgie's Alibi, with four bars inside and an outside area for light meals - great place to meet. Right in same block are Mustard's, a very fine gay restaurant usually with live music, and Tasty Thai, a Thai restaurant with a heavily gay clientele, fine atmosphere and excellent food. There is also a gay clothing store next to it with latest fashions.


The weather in Fort Lauderdale is always nice; especially near the ocean the temperature is always moderate, quite different from inland. Yesterday it was 80, and I go to the beach every day. Great place to get away from cold for a long weekend or more.


Don't know if gay guesthouses near beach are full, but all along beach (actually one block away) are lots of nice motels with signs today saying $39 per room or $45 per room. You can walk to beach in five minutes and easily walk to many good restaurants. These are all just north and south of Oakland Boulevard (3100 North); other locations will not have convenience. Parking can be a problem for beach, but when you can walk, there is no problem. This is a 15 minute drive from airport. Cheapest way to and from airport is "shared limo" - only $10 to or from your hotel. They are right outside the terminal when you exit. A long weekend does not have to be very expensive at all. If you stay here (Oakland and A1A) there are these good restaurants within a 5 minute walk, really: 2 superb French cafes, two Greek tavernas, a Cuban restaurant, a Japanese sushi bar, three Italian restaurants, A Spanish restaurant, a superb Italian bakery, and the ultra trendy Shooters and Charlie's Crab along the intracoastal.

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Thanks for the good report on Boardwalk.


Last weekend I made the trip up from South Beach to Visit Boardwalk. It was an easy drive and the club was easy to find.


Sean Lespaganol had been with me all week but left to return to Chicago Saturday afternoon leaving me on my own Saturday night, so I decided to check the place out. I enjoyed the club and the Dancers were very friendly. I was approached within 15 minutes of arrival with an offer to return to my hotel by one of the guys that also advertises on Rentboy. At first I declined but he was very persistant throughout the night and was very open about what he was willing to do. Let's just say he doesn't live up to what he promises and a review will follow.


The dancers were a very good mix of latino, muscled, hairy, and twinks.

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>KY, you should know I patrol every part of this website now to

>find out about your dalliances and "we are not pleased". :)


Then "we" should have stayed around longer. And, from looking at the latest Reviews "we" sure isn't letting any grass grow under his ass.:*

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>>You know eating is highly over rated, just ask any of the

>>Atkins dieters.:+


>I will remind you of that next time you're trying to eat one

>of my things. :p


Sure sounds like the Adkins' diet to me. You got lots of PROTEIN.:9

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Guest houseboy

>Sure sounds like the Adkins' diet to me. You got lots of



Yeah, but there's lots of sugar in it. It's "Atkins", bytheway. Not that it matters since, like Truman Capote, Atkins is dead.


Sean Lespagnol

Chicago, IL



"Big and tasty - every day!"

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>x( Wasn't this supposed to bo about the Boardwalk. Does

>anyone have any good info about the club, I'll be thier

>Thursday night.



If you read the original post of this thread you will find all the info you will need. Have fun and enjoy yourself.

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