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Daddy had to repair this forum

Guy Fawkes
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Daddy is working his but off for basically free and he has a big but and his fees are more than Johnny Cochrans.


Yet, I see no one in this forum helping to keep it going. Rather you spend $15 - $18 to get into that dump, spend another $200 to get ripped off boy some Toronto flim flam artist.


I think I will just shut down this forum until some of you come to realize you may have a good thing going here and help to contribute to it.


Is that fair?


Otherwise, I don't really care if you save your chair. And whattsherhame can just keep reeling in the the dough.


I'm getting pissed and I apologize. for that, but if I don't see some monetary support from our Gaiety folks real soon, then you can give it all to the the lady at the door and the Kirks of the world.


I am really tired of doing this for you for free and watching Daddy work his ass off to keep you happy and in return we do not even get a thank you note.


Think about it.

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I've been using your site for a couple of years now and have found it extremely informative and helpful. As a New Yorker and frequent Gaiety patron I especially like the Gaiety thread and reviews. The guys that write the reviews and the others who frequently post on that thread do a wonderful job and ad a lot of value to your site. I would guess that there are dozens, if not hundreds, of guys that view your site solely for this thread.

I feel your above post is very insulting, not only to the guys that write the reviews now, but also to all contributors to the posts, the Gaiety patrons and the dancers.

The reviewers, past and present, put in a ton of time and energy and make a very valuable contribution to your site. If anyone were to be making a "donation" I think it should be you paying them - how many people would be so dedicated to writing such detailed reviews each week for free?

You make the patrons of the Gaiety seem like chumps for going there and getting ripped off by "flim flam artists", but at the same time many of them are very loyal readers of your site. What surprised me when I first went to the Gaiety is that many of the patrons there are very nice, friendly, smart and interesting - not the losers you make them out to be.

Although there definitly are some "Kirk" type dancers at the Gaiety, there are also many great guys who are well reviewed on your very own site. Many of them put on terrific shows both inside the G and outside and indicating that they are all scams is not what I would think your site is about.

If you are looking for donations, there is nothing wrong with that. But the way you have gone about it is terrible. Insulting and allienating your customer base is no way to get them to contribute. A simple and honest post stating that you need support in running the site and clear directions on how to do it would encourage many to help out. Like I said, many of us get a lot of value from this site and we would be more than willing to make a donation.

I feel you owe a lot of us an apology including the dedicated review writers, the chumps that go into that "dump," the quality dancers that perform there and "whathername" who works her ass off to keep the Gaiety open and tries her best to make it a fun place to visit.

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Dear Hoo,


I want to thank you for making this service possible. I can certainly understand the frustrations it brings, but please know how many appreciate it and you. I can only imagine the amount of creativity it took to get the site going in the first place, and how much work you and others put into it on a constant basis to make it possible.


When the strip club forum went down initially I realized, perhaps for the first time, how integral I find it to the whole Hoo experience. I always check in and see what is going on. I find the writing consistently interesting, and given the topic, quite well done. I have to say that when I read the regular escort reviews, I have to wonder most of the time, Is this real?, and filter constantly in the ways you and so many others have taught us to do. I never really feel I need to filter on the strip club site, because I have been to the Gaiety often enough to know how accurate and fair the reviewers are.


In addition, there does not seem to be the same level of inane byplay that is so prominent in some other places. Small cyberspace ingroups constantly harping on each other's failings, real or perceived, are not very entertaining to me. Frankly, I find that whole aspect so offputting that it is one of the main reasons I do not contribute to the site.


The second reason I do not contribute it that although I know and appreciate that it costs money, you do accept advertising, and I'm glad you do. If anyone should contribute to the site, it should be the escorts themselves, for whom this is probably the most effective and objective form of advertising possible.


I don't feel the need to defend Denise, that woman of mystery. I imagine she could probably defend herself quite well if cornered! But I have run the figures in my head many, many times while waiting in between dances, and frankly, I can't see how she does it on what she takes in at the box office, unless she owns the building and doesn't have to pay rent. I'm sure she's not running the Gaiety as a public service, but I can't for the life of me see how's she's making much off of it, either.


If we were required to contribute, I think the site would lose the broadbased appeal that brings hundreds of people together and become a closed club. What makes the site so valuable to me is precisely the hundreds of people who contribute, giving the reviewing of escorts and the discussions surrounding their work a wide world's foundation of experience and expression. To have to pay would lose that aspect (to my mind), and I would probably elect not to continue to participate.


You perform an important service to many, many people. I can well imagine that a lot of smart-ass kids who want to turn a buck have learned how to act like professionals, protect themselves in important ways, and enjoy it. And I know that many a client has learned vital lessons as well. Not to be too melodramatic, but some of the cautionary tales here have probably saved many a man his health, his wealth and even perhaps his life.


So thank you. Please keep this forum alive. And know that many, many of us "lurkers" really appreciate what you do.

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Hey, I posted my message in the heat of many moments hitting me at once. I put the forum into a "hidden" mode until I could count to ten and think about what I was doing and whether it was worth it.


My comments about the dump were not meant to suggest that people there were dumpsters, but some took it personally. Some even went to far as to chastise me for a long-standing joke about "owning chairs" which I was privy too.


Someone took me to task for it. So what. Most people do not get my sense of humor anyway, which is why I went so long without posting on my own Message Center. I only began posting when things got way to ugly for me - not in this forum but in others.


Daddy rarely posts anywhere so when I saw him offering apologies here - of all places, one of the forums I never worry about...well, I blew my top. Then that virus blew everything. Was it Karma? (I do believe in Karma.) I am not assigning blame and I did not delete any of the less than positive opinions expressed about me when I returned this forum back on line.


I do not even remember who said what anymore and it does not matter.

When we finally got this technical stuff fixed, I had this site up within minutes.


Of he regulars here, I probabably only know NY Observer personally, who has always been kind to me and probably thinks I'm a bit crazy but it was his interest in a place that is not my cup of tea which made me realize that it might be cool to have folks who do like it share opinions, claim chairs and mark territories. I always had fun when NYO invited me to join him there. Denise does not know me from a hill of beans, but she has always been nice to me when I have been there mainly because I joke with her and other things I'll not share here. (I do think she should be spending money for the free advertising she gets here, but I also know she has never asked for it and I do not see her posting "hey big spender, do I have a little time for you tonight" advertisements here.


I don't know what more that I can say except I am glad I have Daddy on my team - someone who cares enough to give of his very expensive time to keep this M4M tapestry woven. We have a community of interesting people who may have different interests and I was lucky to tap into some of them in order for them to share their interests.


What I care really does not matter, except with so much hatred in the world, I think us guys can set an example of NOT going with that flow of hate. I wish I could always practice what I preach but Tammy Faye insists that I dance with her wigs.


And those who have been around here since the beginning know I do listen and I, like Daddy care.


Excuse my sappiness. But like Bette Davis said, "What a dump!"



(I wish I could remember VDN's spell checker...that is what the edit is...And does anyone have a John Steinbeck or Danille Steele rewrite program I could use?)

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Vicarious thrills


Hooboy, Daddy, et al,

I wanted to speak to the issue of having this forum. I have always thought that Hoo's idea of having a separate forum for strip clubs was a great idea. Since it's inception last year, this forum has served as a clearing house of information about where guys can go to see and meet dancers.


I personally have met several of the key posters in this forum, and can say without fear of contradiction, that these are really nice men who take reviewing the Gaiety and other strip clubs very seriously.


i would be very disappointed to see them no longer active here and I think this forum would be diminished by their absence.


Over time, the threads regarding the Gaiety, the Montreal Bars, and other venues have grown in their scope and quality. I LOVE having pic links as part of reviews.


My NYC trip last year included a planned trip to the "G" spot and meeting Cooper and Lucky. As a side benefit, I also got to meet Foxy, HiJinx,and others, and even sat in the presence of dicknyc.


I wanted to say that I applaud the reviews posted by Cooper and Foxy and the oocasional fill ins. I enjoy reading them.


Please continue to post your observations for us deprived out of towners


Thanks Hooboy, for returning the Strip club forum. I hope you don't pull it off again. PLEASE?



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Hello Hoo,


I am provoked to quote my father in saying you are a "good egg". We all have our Chernobyls from time to time.



>(I wish I could remember VDN's spell checker...that is what

>the edit is...And does anyone have a John Steinbeck or Danille

>Steele rewrite program I could use?)


Here it is. http://www.iespell.com/download.php


What is nice about this is after you download you will see an "ieSpell" icon on your Internet Explorer tool bar. When you activate it it will spell check the whole page. You can also just right click anywhere in your text field and select "check spelling".



~~A Janet Jackson "nipple free" zone~~


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RE: The Subject of Gratitude


Last week, when I was having a blast in Rio, I posted a thank you to Hooboy in the South Of America forum because I would never have met these fine guys without the benefit of Hooboy's website.

And, I am grateful to have the Gaiety forum, so thank you, Hooboy, and Daddy, for all the work put in to restoring it.

Thanks are also due to Cooper, without hoom the forum would not be worth reading, and to foxy as well. Their reviews have been the cornerstone here.


Forums are succesful because of the people posting in them, so we can all be proud when a forum is successful. I am sorry that Hooboy has been having such stress lately, but I hope that he also agrees that many guys make contributions here.

Finally, Denise, buy an ad!!

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