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It was more like July than November in NY today. A perfect day for the beach, but being the dedicated professionals we are, Cooper and I headed into the G to do our reporting. We know how much it means to you. It does... doesn't it???

Lots of good T & A this week.


The lineup:


!. GQ (Chicago)

2. Nicolai (Florida)

3. Dave (Canada)

4. Jeremy (Canada)

5. Willam (San Francisco)

6. Mason (Canada)

7. Damian (Argentina)


We'll have some details later on this evening.

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It was an enjoyable show with a couple of good stage shows (GQ/William) and a lot of great looking bods and butts.


NICOLAI: in from Fl, he was this week's featured dancer. He was introduced as the "Bel Ami model" making his second appearance at the G. He's definitely come a long way since entering this country 1 year ago from the Czech Republic. Nicolai has youthful good looks with dark hair. He has a tight muscular slender body, with well defined abs and pecs. His stage show consist of a lot of body stroking and stretching, plus some deep bends showing off his cute baby bubble butt. His body is mostly smooth except for some pubic hair. If anyone cares, he came out for his 2nd number wearing his socks and shoes. He has an average size dick. His stage show isn't that exciting, but he's gorgeous to look at.


JEREMY: this 30 yo Canadian, who is an occasional dancer at Campus, is always a pleasure to see at the G. He's on the short side, has dark hair parted down the middle, and mature good looks. He has a tight solid muscular build, a smooth body with amazing pecs/abs, and erect nipples. He's a good dancer and shows off his heart shaped butt very well. He enters for his 2nd number wearing his shoes/socks, but who really notices, for he has a rock hard veiney cock with a mushroom head that stays erect the entire number. He also pretends to tie his cock with string and then performs a puppet show with it. Jeremy does some amazing butt shaking moves during his routine... An enjoyable performance.


MASON: YES! he's back and remains one of my favorites. He's from Canada and has danced at Campus. He has good looks with dark hair and hazel eyes. He comes out wearing a red t-shirt, blue jeans and puts on a fine show with lots of arm movement. He looks even better when he shows of that warm smile of his. He has an average in-shape athletic build, muscular arms, a smooth body, and was wearing 2 dog tags around his neck. Mason is well endowed with a fat cock that remained erect the entire 2nd number. He's very friendly to talk with.


Monday is off to a good start!... As always, these are just my opinions.

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Guest JohnPela

>Monday is off to a good start!... As always, these are just my




Good to have you back posting Gaiety reviews information. You were missed last week.


And yes, Foxy there are those of us out there that want to read the reviews. And this Monday night the review is out early and I don't have to stay up late to read by Gaiety bed-time story.

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GQ: It was a great start to the show when GQ bursts out onto the stage. He was wearing camouflage fatigues for that sexy military look. The shirt comes off to reveal a well muscled chest and arms. This guy is quite a hunk. He's a lively, energetic dancer and lot of fun to watch on stage. Lots of friendly smiles to the audience. He lives up to the superman tattoo on his arm. The pants break away to a blue thong with fringe. GQ really knows how to make that fringe move too. It's even better when that it comes off in the second number. He has a meaty dick held high with a leather cock ring and the ultimate bubble butt that looks solid as a rock. GQ is from Chicago and dances at Madrigals so anyone living or visiting the "windy city" should look for him there. He's also done some photos for Playgirl that he thinks will appear in March. I'm buying a copy for sure.


DAVE: aka "pilot wing Dave". This extremely handsome, dark haired hunk from Montreal is a real beauty. He has a wonderful face and when he smiles, dimples appear on those luscious cheeks. The cheeks down below are pretty luscious too. This is a good week for butt lovers. Good moves from this guy on stage and he knows how to show off that perfect muscular body. Look for that trademark tattoo on his upper left hip if you can take your eyes off that gorgeous cock and those sturdy thighs.


WILLIAM: This whirling dervish does the most amazing act on stage. He does handstands that look impossible and must take incredible strength. When he spins on his head it will make you dizzy. William is an accomplished gymnist and has the body to prove it. Very lean and hard. He's very hard in the second number too, so you won't be disappoited there. He's lots of fun to talk to in the Lounge so make sure you say "hi". He dances at Nob Hill in San Francisco and I'm sure he's the star attraction whenever he appears.


DAMIAN: This sultry boy from Argentina was just getting ready to leave town when Denise pulled him back to dance this week. Thanks Denise! He's the least muscular of all the dancers but certainly just as sexy. Actually, sexy really sums up his look. He's got those pouty lips that would be so good to kiss and nipples that need to be sucked. A good sized dick that looked pretty suckable too. He has a "bad boy" look that will give you bad thoughts and that's good!

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I could only find pictures of GQ from this weeks lineup:




There's a great G-ad picture of Nicolai wearing a wet t-shirt in Next and HX magazines.


Hey Foxy, this weeks "odd" guy, good going with the reviews, it was a lot of fun! I can still picture GQ spitting down on his rock hard cock and then stroking it. :9

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Guest JohnPela

>I can still picture GQ spitting down on

>his rock hard cock and then stroking it. :9


I've seen GQ dance at Madrigal's and Cocktails during my last two trips to Chicago. He is definitely a sexy, muscular, good looking performer on stage.

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Haven't seen the show this week, but am willing to designate GQ, my favorite of the week from memory. Great guy in the Lounge and fun on stage. Be good to him! Reminds me of the red haired yellow eyed bully kid Scut Farcas (Zack Ward) from "A Christmas Story" all grown up and sexy as hell. I don't usually go for the redhead coloring but he's a winner.







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Guest master12361

This week line up was the best. i ;ove Mason he hot and is great to see private dont misss him the show is great and Denise did a great job on the line up cant wait to see who will on this weekend. Dont forget to talk to Mason...

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RE: Next week at the G


The following dancers said they'll be around for next week:


Jeffrey: Mr. Personality, great looks and body.

Eli: LA hip hop dancer.

Tyson (new from LA) puts on an excellent stage show.

Carlos Morales: looking very ripped

Sebastain: spiked hair, I've seen him in better shape.


Damian of Argentina is not new. He was at the G a few months ago for 1 week.... Was Vito really scheduled?

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RE: Next week at the G


Sorry about missing Damian last time around. I liked him but felt there was room for improvement.


My sources told me Vito was scheduled (I don't just make things up). Of course, my sources are wrong once in a while, even though they are very reliable.


Rumors on next week's show:

Carlos Morales, Jeffrey and Sebastian continue.

To be joined by Trevor and Jake.


Weekend rumors: AJ and possibly Vito?


Sounds like an excellent show.

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