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Just the lineup:


Big disappointment as Jean-Paul Miro and his 2 friends did not show up or call to cancel. Denise worked very hard to pull together a lineup.


1. Dave Angelo: aka angel wing Dave

2. Jimmy: from Ky., with boy nextdoor good looks

3. Tommy: from Montreal, introduced as the "very sexy dancer".

4. Cameron: blond, blue eyed dancer from the Stock.

5. Marco: not scheduled, but local. Short with dark hair and eyes. He's very thin

6. Nico: not scheduled, best build in the lineup. Tall with dark hair and eyes. Greek good looks, resides in NYC.


No 7th dancer. Lineup will certainly change as the week progresses.

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RE: Deleted message


Tuesday update:

Same lineup as Monday, adding Daniel from the weekend reinforcements.


NYO favorites:




Of interest:

Found out that DJ Kenny (the usual Saturday night DJ) has created several CD's of remixes of Gaiety slow songs (I'm waiting for the fast songs). These CD's are available for sale for 20 bucks each(from Kenny) and if you're like me, you'll enjoy them and many of the songs will bring back some good stage performances. Tell him NY Observer sent ya :)


Good eats:

Discovered a very good and inexpensive restaurant nearby. It's called Dervish, on 47th between 6th and 7th. It features Turkish food (lots of chicken, eggplant dishes, but a wide variety) and a $20 prix fixe dinner (until 11:30 I think...the menu inside said 8pm, outside it says 11:30), including appetizer, entree, dessert and coffee. Interesting dessert selection of a poached pear, with cinnamon, pistachios and a strawberry sauce. Friendly environment, check it out.

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It's almost as quiet on the board this week as it was at the Gaiety on Tuesday's 8:00 pm show. Just because Jean Paul Miro left us high and dry is no reason to miss out on some fine looking guys, namely Dave, Cameron and Tommy. Maybe World Series fever is putting a dent in business, but hope the lull is only temporary. On the other hand, having a front row seat with a perfect view of Dave tugging on his foreskin isn't the worst thing a guy could wish for!

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Wednesday's 1:30pm show had some new additions to the lineup. Neo was the DJ so I'm not sure if I got the names correct. Is it my imagination or is his English getting worse? I think it's actually quite funny when I know the dancer's name and then hear how he pronounces it. Well, he is goodooking and Denise certainly seems to like him and it is her theater. Actually I've felt a little sorry for her these past weeks with dancers cancelling right and left. It can't be easy keeping these guys in line. Maybe I could offer to help out.


A return to body hair along with serious gum chewing seemed to be the theme of yesterday's show. I like the body hair part.


DAVE has started looking old to me. Still that makes him half the age of most of the patrons. Especially yesterday. It looked a bus tour from the old age home rolled up. Hey, as far as I'm concerned, if you can get up the stairs, you deserve to be there. Besides, I'm pretty ancient myself. Anyway, Dave still has a great body, a wonderful bubble butt and he did the "taste his pre-cum" thing which is always fun.


JIMMY. Major gum chewer but when he smiles it lights up the room. Very cute guy. Nice body and very friendly to the ringside patrons.


TOMMY. Dark good looks with a cute soul patch under his lower lip. Nice sturdy build.


CAMERON always looks like he has this look of surprise on his face. A very cute well built blond. Check out his pictures on the Stock Bar website.


MARCO has a slim but hairy build that takes him out of the twink category. I usually like bigger guys but found him very sexy, especially when he'd squat down with his legs spread and play with his dick. Sorry, I just drifted off for a few seconds thinking about that pose.


NICO has a terrific build, a real hunk, again with some hair. I talked to him briefly in the Lounge and he seems very friendly. A real New York, blue collar kind of guy. I found him very, very sexy.


DANIEL a tall, smooth guy with a shaved head. Broad shoulders, well developed pecs and great nipples. Narrow hips really gives him a T-shaped build. He seemed tall on stage. Goodlooking, somewhat exotic face. I kept wishing he would have smiled.


TORO (I think that's what Neo said). Much less developed than the other guys. Smooth build with a pierced belly button. Not quite up to the usual Gaiety standard I thought but that's just my opinion.


So, all in all, a pretty good show that didn't get off to the best of starts. Please share your opinions.

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oh no, Cameron NEVER looked so muscular on stage - since the day i first saw him at the old Stock about three or less years ago :) but he is still nice boy, and what i was impressed - it's his " dance in pair" with Dave in Stock. you know, it was one moment... oh, no, i will not tell about it - the guys will be able to have troubles }(

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Cameron did look like that for a short period of time, but has not for some time. I agree that he did not look very good this week. His stomach was very round and extended, his pecs and nipples looked really soft and flabby.

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Guest markettoy

There may be a big suprise to come next week at the Gaeity

The best dancer they ever had Gianni from a few years back may be coming back for a brief engagement . He still has the sexiest smile and greatest butt ever

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>Rumor for the weekend: Nicholas



guess it's still rumor til he gets across the border, but i just talked to nicholas at midnight in stock where he was waiting for his ride to nyc...i'll be there saturday with lots of tip money!:-) :o

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>I agree with you Foxy that Nico is one hot man! That soft

>furry chest and great pecs...those seductive eyes... that

>meaty cock, and a nice guy to boot! Does anyone know if he

>has any contact info online?



I have his phone #, if you want it, send me a private message... It's been over a year since he's been dancing at the G. He was staying in Fl. but has returned to NYC. He's located very close to the G.

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I am not sure I'd say Gianni was the best dancer of all time at the G, but I heard rumors he might be appearing also.


Others rumored:




Julian Pierce


Chris (Baltimore/Florida variety)


Other names mentioned for next week, but don't hold your breath:

Brett Phillips

Nicholas (I think he might be a reserve if someone doesn't show up, which would surprise nobody these days)


Weekend: Ken (that is Kirk, from Stock), I think I heard Nikolai but I was very distracted.


More Rumors: Based on your input, Gaiety DJ Kenn is working furiously on some CDs with fast songs. I have purchased and listened to 2 of the slow ones and they are enjoyable.


NYO Favorite from the past week: Tommy, Jimmy

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Best to check with the theatre on the first show on Sundays, as it sometimes changes without notice.

I think it's 3:30, but no promises here.


Lineup on Saturday was:

1. Dave Angelo

2. Jimmy

3. Tommy

4. Cameron

5. Ronnie LeCour

6. Niko

7. Ray

8. Michael (Brooklyn one)

9. Luc


11. Nicholas

12. Arturo


Think I got them all.

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not nick, but nicholas. nicholas has a big cock too, but doesn't self suck like i've also seen nick do at stock bar. nicholas is famous for the "platform sneakers". he was wearing a different black pair this weekend, but his old white/red very worn pair were spotted in his hotel room.:9 not sure if he'll be back for next week; perhaps if denise needs someone to fill in, but as of sunday morning he seemed to think he'd be heading back to montreal and stock bar.

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ref: rumour of jeremy for next week...saw him walk in through the lounge to the backstage area late saturday night, so sounds like a good rumour, though i didn't talk to him.


<<NYO Favorite from the past week: Tommy, Jimmy>>


:-) i really liked those two also, but in the opposite order. and after nicholas, of course! michael from brooklyn would probably be my favorite of all three (even with his new haircut) if it weren't for a less than favorable private i had with him a while back.



some nice bubble butts this weekend, eh?:9

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