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Portland Strip Clubs

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It's been awhile (over a year), but I've been to Silverado's in PDX. It's a cool place, but usually crowded on Friday and Saturday nights. It’s also a popular place for Drag Queens. They do not strip all the way down (b/c they serve alcohol at the club). The dancers are okay - realizing that I like bigger, muscular guys. Silverado's does have a web page. It's http://www.silveradopdx.com.


I found a place called Three Sisters down the street a block or so (towards the river) from Silverado. It's a little hard to see, but people (usually dancers) hang-outside the front door. They do not serve alcohol (only beer, wine, soda and water) so the dancers do strip all the way down. It's a much smaller place than Silverado's and usually isn't as crowded - a good thing in my opinion. I like the guys at Three Sisters and think they are a bit more interactive, but that's my opinion. Both places are cool. (Please remember that it's been over a year since I've been to these places, so things probably may not be the same.) Hope this helps though.



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Hope you don't mind a late reply to this thread. I was at Silverado in January 2002. They were totally nude (OK, some wore socks) and I had a GREAT time.


There was a variety of types including a couple of stripping drag queens. I found it very enjoyable and well worth the hassle of finding a parking place in a crowded downtown area.

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Silverado / 3 Sisters


The performers at 3 Sisters are also made to wait on customers and otherwise work for tips, whereas the crowd at Silverado likely either provides for more pay for the dancers there and/or the dancers at Silverado are doing it more for laughs. A year or so ago, a thread discussed the fact that some clients had obtained the services of some the performers at 3 Sisters, which does seem right given the appearance of the performers and the general environment. The crowd at Silverado never gave me the impression they were looking for a turn-on, but rather a fun night out. The performers at Silverado also include a much wider varierty of men than the typical type you might see strip or dance.


I have never seen genuine full frontal nudity at either place in the three weekends I spent in Portland, however these were all holiday weekends so it may be possible the dancers know they can get away with more when there is less of a focus on the clubs. There was certainly plenty of skin on display, just not much in the way of entertainment value talent beyond the skin on display.

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