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Who First in Midwest? New Recruit To Scene-Tired Of Just Lookin

Guest PlayinWithDignity
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Guest PlayinWithDignity

I live in Indianapolis. Current divorce means no touching here at home. Given info for this site last week just didn't think my mood and nerves were right to post request for some help and do the rest of work to make it all happen. I did some playing in college but since then I've only looked--CONSTANTLY. Now I'm 41 and can't believe the types of guys (kids!)I like seem to be in abundance everyday reviews are posted. Was having some reservations about paying for sex. Two days reading and staring is solving that issue.


My postponing because of last week has caused me to be overwhelmed more and more. I see that others have asked for recommendationns and that's what I need--this is what I like, now don't tell me about anyone in Indianapolis--I don't need temptation. Which city then? Columbus,Cincinatti,Louisville, Lexington,St.Louis,Chicago,Detroit--all are good for me to go to. Definitely under 30 but over 22, white, EXCELLENT CONVERSATIONALIST AND KISSER AND CUDLER--I have lots of questions about playing with guys!!!!--prefer smooth, don't care for major jock/frat attitude and muscle built but decent build and not chubby and can dress up with a slight tease look (few holes in jeans)when in public.


Here's the hard one but most needed quality- Want an escort that someone knows has confident,energetic,experienced,opened PAST with guys (relationships, past and/or current after bar party play/mischief, issues with his family and professional life+escort life too--all good) but not one with constant tragedies and focused living porn acting image.


Not ready for fucking (but tempted), but ideal is an escort who isn't guarding his ass unless its my hands and mouth working the job.


When we get together, I want to spend sometime playing pitch and catch before cold and listen to what I missed and get caught up and then, we'll go on. Recommendation should be an escort not afraid of a baseball!


Was also going to ask for links to other escort sites, but I've taken almost two hours to write this because I keep going back to look at pics!!!!!!

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Since I'm eliminated because of your age preference, I think you have really narrowed down your choices. I'd recommend that you reread your post and clarify what you are trying to say

because some of it doesn't make much sense. Perhaps someone can then be of help to you as far as finding the type of escort for whom you are looking. Happy hunting!



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Welcome on board.


I'm not trying to be cruel but I kind of got lost in that post too. I think what you're looking for boiled down to:


22-30 years old



No attitude

Decent build

Mid-Western Area but not Indianapolis

Kisses and Cuddles

Openly gay but not flaming

No major baggage


I'm sure there are a thousand subtleties that I'm leaving out but parts of what you wrote didn't make much sense to me. Maybe it was all the baseball references...(they don't have bobsleds in San Juan).


Anyways, wish I could help but my area of expertise is Northeastern, Italian/Brazilian, muscle bottoms. Not to worry, I'm sure someone here specializes in Mid-Western Twinks.

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Welcome to a neck of the woods where a good man is not as hard to find as one might think. But before I address that issue, please allow me to make a few observations.


As I read it, you are: (1) 41 and for all intents and purposes under-experienced in the ways of man-love; (2) recently divorced and therefore emotionally fragile; (3) ready to join those of us who are gay and proud of it; and (4) but not least, as horny as a goat in rutting season.


If you had told us only that, as a mature, experienced, and compassionate gay man, I myself would urge you to choose an escort who: (1) will regard introducing you to homosex as an honor and who will therefore do it with sensitivity, understanding, and a sincere concern for your emotional well-being; (2) is skilled enough to help you find and act on the ways in which you respond most passionately to another man's body; and (3) is mature enough to recognize that sexual pleasure is like a rainbow -- many-hued -- and not just a quickly fading burst of sparks.


With apologies to the possible exceptions to what I am about to say, it's my experience that you will only very rarely find a man under the age of thirty who can meet those needs. And given your situation, I'd say he ought to be over thirty-five. He needs to be able not only to discern your needs, but to anticipate them and to put them ahead of his own. No cute young stud with a hair-triggered dick can do that. You also need someone with whom you can talk, openly and securely, about the kinds of things that have happened to you. In other words, you need someone who is as adult as you are.


I have been with only three escorts who would fit those requirements. Two of them live in New York City. My choice of the three, however, lives just east of you in Columbus, Ohio. His name is Jeff, and if you want to see what I think of him, click on "Search" at the top of this screen, type in his name, and then click on his reviews (under JeffOH).


I guarantee that you will not find a better escort anywhere in the world. Who said the Midwest was bereft of culture and elegance? Jeff will take care of you -- soul as well as body. You will never spend fewer dollars for such a great reward.

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Guest WetDream

This is no immediate help, but you might want to check out the "Married With Children..." thread in the Lounge section a week or so back. Full of interesting comments by and about gay married guys. Happy Hunting! (Does anyone else remember this musical with Ethel Merman and Fernando Lamas?)

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Guest PlayinWithDignity

>As I read it, you are:

>(1) 41 and for all

>intents and purposes under-experienced in

>the ways of man-love; (2)

>recently divorced and therefore emotionally

>fragile; (3) ready to join

>those of us who are

>gay and proud of it;

>and (4) but not least,

>as horny as a goat

>in rutting season.


All Very True -- emotionally fragile I might debate. Just afraid of to be ex-wife's attorney!



>If you had told us only

>that, as a mature, experienced,

>and compassionate gay man



Sorry, now that I re-read what I wrote not even I am quite sure, but the few responses to it have helped, and I'm not looking at them boys while writing. I think this is what I want:


First Time: A Good Kid that can tell me what's going on in his life who would like to play pitch and catch. I'm just looking to hear someone mention things he's experienced and I want to see if some of it is similar to desires I stuffed away when I had youth looks like them (Yes, I did, then). At 41 that's the closest I'll get to innoceance, and when the escort and I are done -- move on to reality -- but to summarize:

1) Whose a fun escort kid who just hasn't 'come out'?


Second Time and ??????(beyond): Sex teacher and performer (I know I always look at the ass first!) + therapist and sincere +

stable escort for consistency + ?????????? I've got a few starts now, you guys can put this one on hold and I'll come back with a few I've selected from lookin at pics and perhaps a statement why.


Now, is this a better post?

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Guest WetDream

I also think it is a bit doubtful to find a professional escort who has just come out. As the ever-wise Will suggested, you are going to do better with someone (whatever age) that has some experience under (or below) his belt.

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> I'm just looking to

>hear someone mention things he's

>experienced and I want

>to see if some of

>it is similar to desires

>I stuffed away when I

>had youth looks like them

>(Yes, I did, then).

>At 41 that's the closest

>I'll get to innoceance, and

>when the escort and I

>are done -- move on

>to reality -- but to


> 1) Whose a fun

>escort kid who just hasn't

>'come out'?



First, it sounds as though you are looking for a mirror, not another man. You can be sure that any gay man who has had to come out -- that is, any gay man over the age of twenty-five -- has "stuffed away" feelings like you had. Most of us were pretty once, and I've seen plenty of 41-year-old men that I'd crawl naked over broken glass to reach. If all you want is to find yourself at 21, you my as well give up the search right now. You cannot go backwards; and any kid who's selling his body is about as innocent as Mae West in a nun's habit.


Second, there's no such thing as an "escort kid who just hasn't 'come out.'" That's a contradiction in terms.

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>I have been with only three

>escorts who would fit those

>requirements. Two of them

>live in New York City.

> My choice of the

>three, however, lives just east

>of you in Columbus, Ohio.

> His name is Jeff,

>and if you want to

>see what I think of

>him, click on "Search" at

>the top of this screen,

>type in his name, and

>then click on his reviews

>(under JeffOH).


>I guarantee that you will not

>find a better escort anywhere

>in the world. Who

>said the Midwest was bereft

>of culture and elegance?

>Jeff will take care of

>you -- soul as well

>as body. You will

>never spend fewer dollars for

>such a great reward.


Thank you Will for the kind words. The "pitch" and "catch" thing

also leaves me out along with the age restriction. I'll never forget my parents getting me a bat, baseball and glove for my 8th

birthday...I cried. I wanted a Nancy Drew boxed-set. I wish you the best in your search PlayingWithDignity, but I think your fantasy escort doesn't exist. Be more realistic in your expectations and maybe you'll find an escort with whom you can

have a pleasurable experience.



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Guest PlayinWithDignity

>"Pitch and catch," my dear, means

>"topping and bottoming." Get




I mean, truly, with each of us wearing a genuine baseball glove with one throwing a genuine certified league baseball and the other catching it,and not a softball.


I'm way far removed from this 'lingo', no wonder there's confusion concering my request.


Just interested in a young escort who has been out for more than a few years and would be fun to talk to with a cute ass. As far as the sex we'll have, just oral. I guess you could say I'm more interested for the first time in the social services of escorting than the sexual services.


Anyway, no implication in 'pitch and catch'. I meant it literally.

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Nancy Drew it is. I'll bring you an illustrated boxed set the next time I see you. Somebody gave me a baseball glove once (it was probably my mother, who was Ever Hopeful). I said it stank and never picked it up again. And do you remember what it was like to have to throw that bloody ball from the far outfield, where they always stuck the last-chosen while the Real Boys got to play up close?

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>Anyway, no implication in 'pitch and catch'. I meant it literally.


Funny, I had a feeling that he meant "pitching" and "catching" in the literal sense. Call it a sixth sense, but something told me that's what he wanted.


I just couldn't believe it...talk about freaky...I mean come on...baseball with an escort?...now THAT'S kinky!


I have to try this one.


-nycman (always open to new fetishes and fantasies)


PS Any escorts want to play "pitch and catch" in Central Park this week?

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Baseball Diaries


>Somebody gave me a baseball glove once..I said it stank and never picked it up again.


Oh my god...I laughing so hard I'm crying


>And do you remember what it was like to have to throw that bloody ball from the far outfield...


Ah...fond memories of a childhood wasted in the left outfield...thank god for the butch lesbian who played center field and caught EVERY ball that came with in 100 feet of me...while I ran the other way with my glove covering my head.


I’ll never forget the day we were one glove short…I said, “I don’t need a glove”. One fool thought I was trying to be tough…everyone else realized there was no way in hell I was going to even try to catch the ball…so why bother wearing a stupid glove?


Actually, to her credit the lesbian took the time, while our team was batting, to teach me to play “pitch and catch”. Everyday for a year we practiced…I got pretty good.


And then there was the time the captain of the football team called me a fairy during a volleyball game and the same butch lesbian spiked the volleyball into his face, knocked him on his ass, and leaned over him and shouted, “You just got knocked on your ass by a GIRL…who’s the fairy now?”.


Ahhh childhood….thank god for the lesbians!

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I'm not from the midwest and can't recommend anyone in particular to you.


But you're certainly not the first guy in the world to be looking for some companionship that wasn't all sexual. Tossing a ball around sounds like a good way to spend some time getting to know each other and getting some fresh air. I'm sure you'll find some of the guys out there who will welcome this as a change from constant bedroom action.


Some guys like opera, some like shopping, some like baseball. All of these choices are equally okay and knowing what makes you happy is the first step toward being happy.


I'd suggest giving a few escorts who interest you a call. Tell them what you have in mind and ask if they're interested. That will give you a lot more to go on than just the opinions expressed here and the cost of it will simply be the cost of a few telephone calls. And I think you're wise to be taking this slowly, step by step.


Finally, I really want to wish you luck. You sound like a heck of a nice guy.



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> And do you remember

>what it was like to

>have to throw that bloody

>ball from the far outfield,

>where they always stuck the

>last-chosen while the Real Boys

>got to play up close?


Ah yes, I remember it well. But the view of those firm, young, athletic butts as they crouched waiting for the ball to come their way... priceless. Or sliding into 2nd base and ending up with your head in the shortstop's crotch. Yummy.


I played Little League baseball for ALL the wrong reasons. :-) Mostly it was because my dad was team manager. :-( But there were some stunning physical specimens on that team, even at the age of 13. Today I'd just think they were cute, but back then they were objects of many a jerkoff fantasy.

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>Nancy Drew it is. I'll

>bring you an illustrated boxed

>set the next time I

>see you. Somebody gave

>me a baseball glove once

>(it was probably my mother,

>who was Ever Hopeful).

>I said it stank and

>never picked it up again.

> And do you remember

>what it was like to

>have to throw that bloody

>ball from the far outfield,

>where they always stuck the

>last-chosen while the Real Boys

>got to play up close?



Will, like NYCMan, I found myself really laughing due to my identification with the last chosen-left field baseball thing.


I have to say, in all honesty and seriousness, that you Will, and BostonGuy are two of the kindest, helpful, most thoughtful and reflective people in this whole message center. I truly envy those who have the privilege of knowing you personally, beyond the medium of the Internet. They'd have to be very fortunate, indeed!


As for PlayingWithDignity's questions, I'm afraid I can't be of much help. I do indentify with some of the attributes he was wishing to find in an escort, but have to say I think those who are suggesting he is not likely to find them in a younger escort are most likely right on the money. I've only been with two escorts, both young, and I think I had some pretty unrealistic hopes, particularly with one of them. I had really hoped that some kind of quality friendship might develop, and thought it was, but I'm beginning to see that in all likelihood, it was only about money exchanged. I liked the kid a lot, but there is a lot of difference between our ages, and I surmise that he probably lacks the emotional maturity to realize that an older friend (with no hidden or evil agendas) could be a treasure found. I'm not making value judgments about this kid.....I think he's great in many, many ways. I'm just trying to be more realistic about the way a 22 year old would view the world, as opposed to someone like myself who is 48.


Good luck, PlayingWithDignity, and thanks again, Will and BostonGuy.



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>I have to say, in all

>honesty and seriousness, that you

>Will, and BostonGuy are two

>of the kindest, helpful, most

>thoughtful and reflective people in

>this whole message center.

>I truly envy those who

>have the privilege of knowing

>you personally, beyond the medium

>of the Internet. They'd

>have to be very fortunate,



What a sweetheart you are. It's so much easier to be nice to strangers on the internet than it is to be even half decent to the pain in the ass whose office is about fifteen feet away. Here you get to see only my photogenic side, you lucky guy!

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