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Devyn Foster

Guest pynch
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Does anyone have any info on Devyn Foster? Is this little hottie of porn flicks still around?

I don't believe I have ever seen a review on him, does he, or has he escorted. If so, how to contact him. Two of his many films are THE INITIATION, and MEAN STREAK.

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Guest Rottfan

He definitely still escorts in LA, but not under his own name (actually, under no name). There's a pic in Frontier Magazine that he runs every so often.


I called him one evening and asked him to come to my hotel room. I believe his fee was $200. He's been one of my favorites for years, so I was very excited at the prospect of actually meeting him. Then, about 15 minutes before he's supposed to come to my hotel, my wife unexpectedly calls my room and says she's coming up in about a half hour (she wasn't expected that night, but she took an earlier flight). So, Devyn's on his way, and so's my wife. I sat on my bed in disbelief at my bad luck.


There's a knock on the door. I open it. It's Devyn. He's extremely attractive. Very muscular; his arms bulged through his shirt. Tanned. Smiling. And just standing there. I say: "Sorry, my wife's coming any minute now" and hand him $100. He understands and leaves.


My wife comes, looks at my mood, and asks if I've had a bad day. I tell her: you wouldn't believe me if I told you.

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Actually, Devyn Foster ran his ad very consistently in Frontiers for a long time, usually in the bondage/leather/S&M division. But I haven't seen it for quite a few months now, leading me to wonder if he's now out of it. He is a classic type of porn star who has the MOST gorgeous body (and I've seen all his vids because of it) but ALL of his performance seem rather mechanical and, well, less hot than I'd expect from someone that beautiful. For this reason I could never bring myself to hire him; now it may be too late.

Also there IS one (older) review of him on this site under the name Anthony in LA, and it totally confirms my impression of him.

(His pic is the shirtless Anthony wearing jeans.)


One other thing, he is also a classic example of a phenom I've never understood. First, he never advertised as an escort until well AFTER he'd quit doing porn. Even so, when he DID start advertising, why wouldn't he use his more recognizable porn name? One would think that would be much more lucrative for his business!

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>One other thing, he is also

>a classic example of a

>phenom I've never understood.

>First, he never advertised as

>an escort until well AFTER

>he'd quit doing porn.

>Even so, when he DID

>start advertising, why wouldn't he

>use his more recognizable porn

>name? One would think that

>would be much more lucrative

>for his business!


Several things could account for it. First, maybe he didn't need the money until after he was out of the biz, or maybe he had a sugar daddy while in the biz.


As for the name, he may be trying to distance himself from his porn past. (Strange but true ... it happens.) Or it may just be another escort using his picture. Also, if that review really is Devyn Foster I can see why he may not want to use that name. It's a pretty bad review. Perhaps he has a reputation he was trying to distance himself from.

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Quite a while back, I hired Devyn Foster as an escort. Not to take anything away from Devyn and his great career in porn, but, his efforts in escorting leave a lot to be desired. He has a pretty long list of things he won't do. In my experience, very few porn stars make good escorts. Great body though, it was worth the money to get a good look at Devyn up close!! The sex wasn't very good though.


Could have been an off night, wanted to try it again sometime. Just never pulled it off.



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